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Let's All Laugh At Sevco/ Celtic Thread !


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Great, bring back Inter Tity Saint. snore.gif

It's really not the most horrendous top, only in your world. bye1.gif


You've contributed 2 posts on this, so far, 5 post Thread, Bucketgub ! lol.gif

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Why do people get so upset about football strips? It is only a football strip and no worse than many others over the years, and it is recognisably a Celtic strip which, after all, is its purpose.

Edited to correct spelling.

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It is recognisable as a Celtic top so is fit for purpose, but same as every Celtic top it is bowfing. No clubs have as good a colour scheme as us. DU orange n black, Hearts marroon, don't even start me on Motherwells colours!!

Black n White Army!!

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