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Hillsborough - A Suggestion

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IMHO there should be no guard of honour for the Sevco, nor should there be anything done in regard to a jury verdict on an event, a tragic event, but it is going back 27 years and involved neither St Mirren nor Sevco.

Why can't it just be a fitba' match.

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Perhaps you can enlighten me why you think a suitable tribute to football fans who died at a football match is to play a song deliberately aimed at goading the opposition support into some sort of response. Don't give me any shite that the concept of this was to show any respect to the dead, it's all about getting it right up "The Rangers" whilst using cover of a "memorial" of the dead to do so. That's crass, cheap, and tacky. Indeed it's right up your street.

If you want to pay tribute to the dead how about extending the usual 90 minute silence at St Mirren Park by a further 6 minutes. It shouldn't be too hard for anyone - they've had plenty of practice all season. rolleyes.gif

How is NWA goading Sevco

It's a song used by many football clubs to show their colors

Struggling to see the offence

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They're as bad as each other. Probably deserve a thread for 2 where the rest of us can have peace.

You can have all the peace your little heart desires simply by using the ignore function.

Is that concept too tricky for you?

Ask Tricky Ricky. He will show you how to use it.

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I thought it was the Sevco version?

You are correct there are no mention of "arms" in The Fields of Athenrye or Anfield Road. It the idiotic Loyalist Rangers supporters version that has mentioned "arms" They call it "Fathers Advice" and theres a line in it where the daddy implores his boy to join the YCV with a pistol and a rifle in his hand. How in the name of feguck do they get away with the filth they sing and Celtic urnae much better imo

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