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Welsh coming back in a wee bit but leaving themselves a bit light at the back.
Still 1-0, 67 mins. 
They were clearly set up to play on the break but haven't had the opportunities so in changing that may get more of the ball but like you say will be vulnerable to the big lad Embolo who's been able to hold off both defenders when running at them,
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13 hours ago, faraway saint said:

@Cookie Monster was close, a 2-0 prediction for the Italians looked good for 13 minutes.

My 3-1 never really looked like happening as Turkey were pinned back for the majority of the match.

Today the Monster goes for Wales 2-1 Switzerland, Denmark 0-1 Finland :blink: and Belgium 2-0 Russia.

I'm almost the opposite with...............

Wales 0-1 Switzerland

Denmark 3-0 Finland

Belgium 3-0 Russia

C'mon faraway. :thumbs2

The Monster takes the lead, shockeroonie.:thumbsdown

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11 hours ago, guinness said:

Denmark understandably looked less than 100%. Do not think the  gameshould have restarted after hour and half break.

It was the Danish players who made the decision, after they had spoken to him.

It could have been used as a massive motivational factor but it didn't turn out that way.

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