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Saint Mirren V Hibernian 29.9.18

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Score Predictions - sitting on the fence a bit...

Saints to soak up some pressure and get right in about them. Then Mr Jackson hits his first St. Mirren goal. Game goes from end to end and we grab a second...

Someone else can write the last 10 minutes - will they get a goal back or will we keep a clean sheet? (or the unthinkable, us scoring a 3rd)  Either way 3 precious points... and if the other games go our way league table could look like this :- 


Fakes                                                                     8

Hamilton                                                             7

Us                                                                            7

Well                                                                       5

Dundee                                                               1


Now wouldn't that be just splendid INDEED....                     


PS really   Hope Bairdy is back and fully fit for 90 minutes and that McGugan comes on board fit and raring to go ASAP too.....


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29 minutes ago, St.Ricky said:

I think Jack TL is referring to your well known absence from matches, particularly those at home. The "we" I imagine are those of us who are going to be there. 

No freebies for fs this week so he'll just follow proceedings on the tinternet and the bore us with his take on the game later.

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1 hour ago, Hambud said:
11 hours ago, TPAFKATS said:
We are 5/1 to win with Bet365. Seems a bit long.
3/1 the draw

Can you do mallan to score anytime but us to win?

Would you like to just wire your money to me if you don't want it?

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Right here we go again. Not sure what to expect today after last weeks anti-climax. Hibs will be hurting after Aberdeen but hopefully we'll be just as determined after the Hamilton Fiasco.  It's backs to the wall and we're several men down. It's remember the Alamo stuff. (has it re-opened yet). 

If ever we needed a siege mentality, then today's the day. So Hopefully Oran "Travis" Kearney will have the boys inspired and organised , Big Anton "Bowie" Ferdinand will rally the troops and Simeon "Crockett" Jackson will be our next great signing and an ace sharpshooter resulting in Neil "Santa Anna" Lennon getting sent back to Edinburgh  with his tail between his legs.

Then again I'd settle for anything that doesn't result in us getting massacred.

See you all at the SDA Fortress




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