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What player have we signed that has been successful that has surprised you most?

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3 hours ago, norman said:

Craig Samson is definitely up there, low key signing at the time as a backup keeper, not highly rated, yet he became an absolute legend, league and cup winner and penalty hero. Andy Dorman as well. I'd never heard of him, came from the American league, yet was a brilliant player for us. Conor Newton is another candidate, especially after his honking debut.

Overall though, I think I'd go with Yardley.

You and Shull should get along nicely! 😂

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1 hour ago, MenstrieSaint said:

For me , Andy Millen , Mixu Patalinen and John Hewitt . Thought they were average players and pass the sell by date when we signed them . Especially impressed with Millen , who was a dirty bastard, and very clever with it.

Got to agree with Andy Millen. I also liked Stephen McPhee for the short time he was with us. I thought there was a player in there, but he never quite hit the big time

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Just thought of another an one that I am surprised nobody else has mentioned Archie Gemmill.

I can still remember the goal he  scored against the Netherlands in the 1978  World Cup, surely one of the best ever scored in the competition. 

And did he not recently get some kind of award from................................ ,cant remember who ...................... but think he did anyway.

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Mark Reilly. 

On paper, a very typical St. Mirren signing. Premier league player getting to end of career and ready to take step down and wind it up, probably coast to a wage for 2 or 3 seasons whilst turning in 4 or 5 out of 10 performances. 

And at the start, a section of the support believed this. He was the fall guy and target for a lot of shite from fans in his first 8 or 9 games. 

Then he got injured for a few weeks and all of a sudden teams were getting in behind more easily and regularly and there appeared to be a big weakness in the middle of the park.

Folk only then realised that there was someone missing in the heart of the team who went about business quietly, effectively and without fanfare and let better attacking players do their work. Once he came back, folk were totally onside with him and opinion changed.

Wee Mavis was a cracking player. 

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Could go with all the players mentioned above and a lot more been a regular since 1967. For me it would have to be Mark Yardley played most of his senior career with us scoring 68 goal Also because my wife's father was .manager of Livingston United every time I was through visiting the wife's parents the father in law kept going on about this Mark Yardley banging goals in for United. My father in law was very bitter United accepted £50 for Mark Yardley with no sell on clause to Cowdenbeath. 

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9 hours ago, pod said:
On 8/2/2019 at 7:03 PM, jaybee said:

I Don't recall him at all, when did he play for us and where did he arrive from?  Please.

Still not sure if your serious or not. 


I was being serious, I spent several years in various parts of Engerland and at times was unable to keep up to date , other than results.  I do of course remember him with Chelsea and ........since, but not with St Mirren.

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