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St Mirren v St Johnstone 24/2/24

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15 minutes ago, Albanian Buddy said:

This behaviour leads to much greater policing at our stadium which reduces the money available to invest in the playing budget. 

Get yourselves away to fcuk from our club you balaclava wearing cowards. 



This kind of negative publicity detracts from the suoerb performance from the manager and the club.

It seems, as is the usual IMO, a small minority  are getting more publicity than the exploits on the field.

Unfortunately if this goes on week in week out it, will be seen as acceptable and these fannies will feel untouchable and someone will get seriously injured. 

Writing it off as "its always went on" is as good as condoning it. 

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1 hour ago, fan4ever said:

It pains me to right this and I am sure fault with both clubs hooligans. But I should be able to go to a match and feel safe walking to my car however that is twice I have felt threatened. I have had a group of what I can o ly call thugs running towards me with their faces covered. I want whoever knows who they are to shame them. We will lose our good name as a family club. I looked about me today and seen people walking with young children. We had young football teams in today. We will start to lose godd law abiding fans through non educated thugs who call themselves st mirren fans who find it fun to fight other fans a disgrace. Get rid of W7 if this is what it brings to the club

Absolutely spot on.  

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Another victory and hard working performance from Saints.  We were in command of the game and St. Johnstone weren't as good as I expected them to be.

Yes we got some fortune with the first goal but I wish more of our players would just "shoot on site"!  Deflections, misreading by opposition players can result in a goal so have a go like Mikael Mandron did.

I think if most people are honest, if an opposition player, especially from Celtic or The Rangers, gave one of our players a bit of a nudge/push then most would be shouting for a foul.  Especially if it lead to us conceding a goal.

We'll play better and lose games but winning stuffy games without playing to our maximum capabilities is the difference between a top six finish and bottom six finish.

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1 hour ago, faraway saint said:

That's Mandron on 9 goals now, wasn't there some discussion that he'd never reach double figures? :happyclapper

I know it’s a long time ago but when I went to school 9 was a single figure 😵‍💫

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I totally agree with fan4ever about the unacceptable behaviour creeping into our support again.

A few seasons ago I stopped going to as many away matches.  This was for different reasons including cost but also I saw some behaviour I didn't like such as flares and acting the "wee hardman" towards opposition supporters.  Then I heard about the balaclava wearing a couple of years ago and saw a couple of pictures on social media.  This isn't what St. Mirren means to me and it needs stamped out asap.  I honestly thought we'd left all of that nonsense back in the 1980s but it seems to be rearing it's ugly head again and not just at our club but elsewhere too.

I feel safer at home games and obviously know how to get away from our ground with some ease but I wouldn't want parents of young children being put off taking them to the match.

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11 hours ago, Hunterian said:

Should we perhaps be trying to tempt Bruce Anderson to wear the stripes?

I'm sure we tried last season.

However, he's Killie bound apparently.

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7 minutes ago, portmahomack saint said:

Seething all week brilliant  :lol: 

I should really feel a bit guilty reducing you to tears but you really had it coming was long overdue  :rolleyes:

Did you run to div and complain :lol:  



Another beating at the bookies, it's always the same with you, blawhard when you win, Mr Angry when you lose. :byebye

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47 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

Nothing hurts as much as my sides laughing at you. 🤣🤣🤣

You wouldnae have been laughing at his performance in the Club Bar last night. Passers by could’ve been forgiven for thinking that Glen Campbell had risen from the dead. 😄

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