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Paisley Pubs


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The Croft has been closed for a month for selling drink before opening time on an OF day.:)

Much like the pub in Dublin we went to ..............

"I'm not open yet , its too early , but come in sit down and have a Guinness till I open up in a bit " laugh.gif

Hospitality versus Trading, always a winner

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Bit off topic regarding the pubs but we have had plenty of pictures of old Paisley...

Looking east towards Canal Street station 1982


From same location in 2007


Some excellent pictures of old Renfrew by Cheesylion on this page

Dunno who the builder of the houses was in the second picture , but I'd be concerned about sub soil contamination. I wouldn't be too keen on produce from any vegetable patch from one of the gardens of the 'new' homes unsure.gif

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