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    millport reacted to st jock in Smisa Director on St Mirren board   
    So SMISA have decided to put forward a Mr. John Needham to be the 2nd director on the board. Dont know much about the guy, but he's a 59 year old that attends many home and away games despite living in Edinburgh and has a wealth of business and customer experience. Checked out his personal statement and am happy with his appointment although I would probably have preferred someone a bit more local that had the ear of the fans. There was a high calibre of applicant and its now over to the smisa members to rubberstamp his appointment.
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    millport reacted to TediousTom in Where are they now ?   
    Alex Ferguson ended up managing some English mob, he is retired now and I am sure I saw him doing a telly advert about ill health
    Last I heard of Tony Fitzpatrick he was running a paper shop in Seedhill!
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    millport reacted to Isle Of Bute Saint in In The Name Of The Wee Man   
    The last couple of days have had to endure the M8 in rush hour traffic both morning and teatime going West and East.  Really feel for anyone who has to put up with that on a daily basis what a nightmare. There are too many cars for the roads but we all like the freedom having a car so can't see a fix. The new parts of the M8 and M74 are fantastic it has to be said so well done the SNP.
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    millport reacted to HSS in Pre Season Friendlies   
    Away to Ajax.
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    millport reacted to bazil85 in St Mirren Contract thread   
    Nathan Flanagan has also been offered a one year contract. He hasn't made a decision yet however that is likely because Annan are still in the play-offs. 
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    millport reacted to Wilbur in Jack Baird - 1 yr extension   
    I was one of Jack's sternest critics earlier this season, especially after his stupid red card at Falkirk, but I now agree he has done enough to earn this extension.
    Humble pie, yum yum !
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    millport reacted to nedflanders123 in I'm Listening To....   
    Big fan of his solo stuff and Icicle Works
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    millport reacted to MenstrieSaint in Mallan to Barnsley???   
    This wouldn,t surprise me , Barnsley are in good financial shape , have sold players for good money in the past , so it would make sense for them to buy a few youngsters in the hope that one or two of them could be sold on for a profit .
    That used to be the St Mirren way back in the day
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    millport reacted to FTOF in Craig Storie   
    Could have been worse.
    He could have behaved like a fanny in Comet by behaving in a threatening and violent manner towards retail staff.
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    millport reacted to santaponsasaint in Link between supporters and club   
    More guff from someone who knows nothing about it. Fans council helped fiance the dome. Help buy new goalposts for the academy bought laptop and coaching apps for the youth coaches. Ran days for kids to come and meet the players. Organised the building of the supporters club. Yeah I would get rid of that lot.

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    millport reacted to northendsaint in Tam McGarry Minutes Applause   
    In the 14th minute of the game against Morton there will be a minutes applause in memory of wee Tam.His family will be attending the game and thereafter to Langs to celebrate his life and they will witness the love we had for him.Everyone knew him, even if not personally and their opinion was always the same. Quite simply the nicest human being you could ever meet and St Mirren to the core.Lets make this our tribute to our finest and most loyal St Mirren fan.
    We Are St Mirren!!!!
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    millport reacted to Kemp in Alex Rae In The Rangers End At Old Firm Game   
    You've got to laugh at the posters on here spitting the dummy and refusing to attend the last match of our season, the last match Goodwin & Thompson will every play for St Mirren, because they are so disgusted by the Rangers support and all that Rangers stand for....
    ....And then say it is fine for the manager of the club to be sitting amongst the knuckledraggers at Hampden!!
    You cant have it both ways chaps.
    Billy is correct: The manager of St Mirren should not be sitting in with the Rangers support and supporting a club we are about to play in a competitive fixture in two weeks time! And that is leaving aside the fact they are an utter cancer on Scottish society...
    If you really don't think this is a big deal then I expect you will stop harming the club with your attempts to get St Mirren fans to not attend the final match of our season.
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    millport reacted to eastlandssaint in St Mirren V Queen Of The South Championship 12/3/16   
    A very good result, well done Saints.
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    millport reacted to nosferatu in St Mirren Under 20's 2015/16   
    Great to see so many talented youngsters coming through.
    Hopefully it won't be long until we see kids such as Carswell, Gow & Goodwin getting a game in the first team.
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    millport reacted to thewhiteman in Q And A Night With Alex And David   
    Just a reminder to all St Mirren supporters that the SMISA Question and Answer Night with the Management Team will go ahead tonight at the stadium with a 7pm k....o. Entry is free, bar open, what more could you want. Donations to Youth Development most welcome. Prize raffle of a signed 1959 Cup Final Winning Team poster autographed by St Mirren Legends and Hall of Famers, Jim Rodger and Alistair Miller.
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    millport reacted to whydowebother in St Mirren... Shower Of Wonderful Ambassadors   
    Lovely wee video.
    Reeling off those players, what we would give to have that much quality in our current team.
    It was a great day, town that night was unbelievable
    We don't have as many highs as lows as a club, but when they come along they are magical
    One town,One team,One love, One St Mirren & I would not swap my support for our club for any other team in the world.
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    millport reacted to Lord Pityme in Latest Accounts To May 2015   
    At last the penny, or quarter of a million in loans, plus creditors is starting to drop!
    Since the consortium put the club up for sale it has been continually run down with budgets slashed, which meant cheaper and less effective players and management spinning through the door. Which shows how false the economy was as revenue (gates) continue to drop.
    What if???
    The magnificent board had allowed Smisa etc to invest in shares years ago that would have funded budgets to bring in/keep hold of some of the real talent we have seen slip through the club's fingers.... It all could have been so different if five people hadn't chosen to shut out nearly half the club's shareholders!
    We are all reaping the failed harvest of Douglas Street, and we may yet see poorer yields in the months to come.
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    millport reacted to HamiltonBud in Leckie On Murray   
    " WHEN Alex Ferguson realised the scale of the shambles he’d inherited at St Mirren he came to two conclusions.
    One, that he had to shake the place up from top to bottom, no matter how many players or directors it riled.
    And two, that wherever he wanted to take the club, he’d get nowhere unless he dragged the fans along with him.Now 41 years on, a new Saints manager facing similar challenges has blown the second before he’s given himself a proper crack at overcoming the first.
    It’s a mistake from which Ian Murray might never fully recover.
    Because when he told the freezing band of travelling supporters who’d booed Tuesday’s scrambled 1-1 draw at Raith Rovers that “I know more about football than they do”, he lost the best allies any gaffer can have.
    Ask Fergie. In his early days, when the team was rank rotten and the directors were stuck in the 1930s, he went round Paisley bawling through a megaphone to sell the idea that we WERE worth watching.
    I’ve been listening to his memories of these times in the audio version of his latest book — though, to be honest, it’s all as fresh as new paint in my mind, because I was there.
    As a 13-year-old, I was one of those who hung on a budding genius’s every word as he turned gates of 1,500 into close on 15,000, turned chumps into champions.
    Fergie genuinely did create a 12th man. Murray, unfortunately, has left today’s side down to ten.
    See, just as the self-styled office joker turns out to be the unfunniest person in the universe, and anyone who starts a sentence “no offence, but...” is about to offend everyone within a five-mile radius, a true expert doesn’t have to tell you how much of an expert they are.Yet that’s what a young guy under pressure has tried to do.
    Prefixing his statement by saying he “wasn’t being patronising” only made punters feel more patronised. Later admitting he picked his words poorly only made him look desperate.
    Sorry if he reads this and feels like I’m having a pop, but it’s just the way it is.
    I was at Stark’s Park on Tuesday and not even the last-gasp free-kick from Stevie Mallan that rescued a point could disguise how poor a display it had been.
    At times like these, a smart manager pulls the punters closer to him. He asks them for patience. He thanks them for giving up their time and their money to be there for a horrible midweek fixture.
    Even if he doesn’t believe it, he tells them how wonderful and invaluable they are.
    It’s either a sign of just how much pressure Murray is feeling right now, or how little he gets the situation, that he misjudged his post-match comments so badly.
    As for the assertion itself, that he does know better than the fans? Well, it’s another argument altogether. And one you’d need to be a very confident man indeed to win.
    I mean, how does he know who’s in the away end? How does he know he’s not being booed by a Uefa Pro-Licensed Coach?
    The assumption that all fans are less educated about football than someone who happens to earn a crust from the game is a dangerous one indeed.
    For instance, the previous Friday I’d been at another fairly woeful 1-1 draw, this time at home to Morton.
    Within half-a-dozen seats of me were Tony Fitzpatrick and Tommy Turner, two guys who skippered the club to titles, who played more than 1,000 career games between them — and who were both raging at what they’d just witnessed.
    Does the manager know better than them? Do THEY have the right to complain?
    Fact is, it doesn’t take a professional to know the most basic things are going wrong; like a team going in 1-0 up at half-time, as we did against Morton, then coming back out 15 yards deeper and inviting an equaliser which eventually came.
    You don’t need badges to understand this, just as you don’t need to have been in the dugout to know how meekly St Mirren went down at Ibrox on Saturday.And you don’t need the manager’s permission to shout the odds about it.
    I hope Ian Murray turns things round and at the very least gets into the promotion play-offs, because the last thing we need is more upheaval.
    But if he does, he’ll have to go at least as far as reading the title of Fergie’s manual on management. It’s called Leading. Not Ostracising." Bill Leckie's view in today's Sun
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    millport reacted to SMFCFansCouncil in Smisa And The Fans Council   
    The Fans Council's aims and objectives are stated clearly on the website www.supportsmfc.co.uk
    We aim to help the club in any way we can and offer our fellow supporters an avenue to connect to the club.
    We celebrate our clubs history with evenings such as our Anglo Scotttish Cup legends evening .
    We raise money for the club including the youth academy from events such as the recent annual golf day where we raised over £1.000.
    We work with our future supporters , the children of our our fans in events such as the Topps day and open days.
    We will work with whoever controls and owns St.Mirren but have no constitutional aims for Fans ownership.
    We will try and provide better facilities for our loyal supporters by building a supporters club at the stadium.
    What do we have in common with SMISA ?
    We both only want the best for the future of our club.
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    millport reacted to Bobby_F in Qos V St Mirren   
    Fantastic result yesterday!
    And sounded like the experience 'spine' played a big part.
    I do wonder though if Murray maybe does have some kind of problem with Goodwin, at least if the Sunday Mail (I know!) report is to believed:
    "And Murray reckons his veterans can help guide Buddies’ current crop of youngsters in their promotion bid.
    The ex-Dumbarton boss said: “Andy Webster, Steven Thompson and Jamie Langfield all did very well. We’re going to need their experience as the season progresses."
    Seems like one veteran missing from that list?
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    millport reacted to Tam M in Goodwin   
    In my opinion Goodwin is our best holding midfielder and should be played until we have a better option. I think Thompson will be more effective coming off the bench as he did today. We vitally need some experience within the team, Langfield, Goodwin and hopefully Webster will offer that but they need to start.
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    millport reacted to BobbyLavatory in New Kit Spoiler Alert   
    St Mirren's PR, media and marketing output is an absolute shambles. It is a multi-million pound business operation run as if it were a village fair. And I dare say some village fairs are rather more professional. Where is the official kit launch? The tease online weeks in advance? Where is the building up of anticipation so that kids are begging their parents to get it as soon as it comes out? None of that.
    Where is the web TV? As far as I am aware almost every club in the top two divisions offers some sort of video output, whether match footage, interviews or whatever. Where is live coverage of games for fans outside the UK like the Old Squirm and others seem to do? Why are St Mirren not doing it? And if they are then I haven't heard of it. Where are stories planted in the local or national press? St Mirren barely get a mention in the papers apart from a few snippets here and there.
    The answer, as always, is because they do everything on the cheap, with students or volunteers seemingly doing the bulk of the work. The whole thing needs overhauled but I suspect it won't happen under current management.
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    millport reacted to Callum Gilhooley in St Mirren V Berwick Rangers 25/7/15   
    5. The dugouts are the same. Its the rest of the ground thats been switched.
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    millport reacted to oaksoft in Speculation Thread   
    I think he's Americano but I might be wrong. That info has percolated the internet overnight.
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    millport reacted to FTOF in Club Shop Rebranded   
    I hope we a least put up some opposition to this.
    Unfortunately, due to the inadequacy of our BoD last season, we've got ourselves into a position where we need all the cash we can get.
    If we did oppose this "rebranding of our ground" and the green bigot "powers that be" said, it's either that or no deal, then I'm afraid IMO, we're in no situation to lose out on a financial (plus players) deal like this.
    It's distasteful to me, given that the green bigots are a cancer that needs to be removed from Scottish football, as CS quite correctly points out.
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