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St Mirren Under 20's 2015/16


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The injured player was Dylan Pooler ambulance called taken to the RAH bad gash to kneecap

Was all a bit weird. The ball was about to go out and a Hamilton player pushed Pooler, who slid off the astroturf and onto the track (he may or may not have hit the fence which is a bit close to the touchline). The ref only decided it was a free-kick and a booking after seeing just how bad it was.

Saw Mallan, Kelly, McLear and possibly Morgan there. Any of the more senior players or first team coaches?

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Anyone know why we are playing the games in Renfrew? Seems a bit odd to be paying for a pitch instead of using SMP or Ralston

The Scottish ladies were playing the day before at Greenhill Rd (Sunday) and with us due to play QOTS on the Sat, reckon 3 games in 1 week would be bad for the pitch.

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The wonderful thing about the under 20's performances this season is that it is mainly youth players that are grinding out these results. If you watch their style of play, the ball gets played from the back and as soon as the ball hits the front men they have back up from midfield and fullbacks. There are no prima donna's as David Longwell would not tolerate them but what you do have are good honest hard working lads who are prepared to listen and learn. Long may it continue as it gives us hope for the future of St Mirren.

Jim C.

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