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St Mirren Scoreboard

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Just wondered what the chances were of the St Mirren Scoreboard being turned around during the week to face the traffic driving by the stadium. Could it be turned or could it be set up on something that would allow it to be movable. It could be used to advertise future saints fixtures, tickets, strips, corporate etc.


There must be thousands of people passing the stadium everyday. It's a fairly prime spot. Surely there would be demand to sell as advertising space to airlines etc.


It seems a waste that its only used for a few hours about 20-25 days a year.


It might not seem a great idea but if we could generate an extra few bob here and there at the club it all helps to what happens on the pitch.

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As I drive past grounds (or the roads that lead to them) such as ictfc, Brora, wick academy... I pay attention to the boards to see who the next visitors are and when.

THAT would be a simple and obvious way of perhaps enticing passing trade....? :unsure:

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Firstly, the scoreboard doesn't sit high enough to show at the roadside. Secondly, there is no way anybody is going to pay good money to advertise to no one"

Not sure if the stand it's on is adjustable, might be easy enough to do. I think there's enough traffic through the area to make it worthwhile, the retail/industrial estate across the road is busy throughout the week and Murray St is always busy. Definitely a good suggestion.
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4 hours ago, St.Ricky said:

Falkirk use a static board to show up coming games. Going back to the original post. Good  idea. Could another screen be established on the exterior of the building and used to advertise up coming games etc. Perhaps sponsored.

I wonder who did the graphics on that Falkirk board. :)

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Sorry for delay in a reply here I never saw this question popping up.

Away back at the start of looking for a Scoreboard, Brian Caldwell looked into that option of having it rotate to face the road and be used as advertisement space. It could be done but was felt at the time as not an option. The costs to enable this was very expensive and put it out of reach for the club.

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