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Laurel and Hardy

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14 hours ago, Eric Arthur Blair said:

and my favourite, the prequel to the above.

The scene from 6 minutes to 17  is the funniest 11 minutes ever filmed, just comedic genius.


Brilliant acting from Charley Hall , allowing them to take it out on him without him trying to stop them. Mae Busch also brilliant kidding on she's blootered !

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14 minutes ago, pozbaird said:

Laurel & Hardy learn St Mirren are 12 ahead with 12 to play for and have a superior goal difference...



If it did come down to it the goal difference would be very tight. 

Should we lose all our games 1-0 and Livy win all their games 1-0 we’d only win the league by 1 goal. 

But, we’ll win it on Tuesday so no matter. 

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One of the beautiful things about Laurel and Hardy is that they can appeal to a worldwide audience because most of the comedic parts are visual. My grandfather in Belgium can barely speak a word of English, but he finds Laurel and Hardy hilarious. It's great to see it can be appreciated in such a way, you don't get comedies like this any more.

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