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My of god Div we’ve been hacked

ReturnOf isma is god

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2 hours ago, DougJamie said:

As usual this is sailing over my head- What happened............. did Ricky post something sensible and I missed it?

Goodness no, don't be so outrageous


No all that happened was the site was hacked by North Korean and Chinese operatives who flooded the website with Chinese style writing in an attempt to overrun Div's big massive servers in a "DOS" (denial of service) attack.  The state funded cyber warfare agencies are obviously targeting this forum due to it's intellectual debate and as such this forum stands as a symbol of western free thinking, thus marking it out as an enemy of the communist states.  As such Div (whose real identity must remain a closely guarded secret) is obviously a marked man who is clearly being sought by foreign intelligence agencies, either in an attempt to use him as a double agent or indeed to eliminate him (that is murder him).  If Div is found dead having "choked" on a chicken ball or a spring roll then I will start an angry thread about it!!!! 


Yes cyber warfare has indeed reached Paisley. 


Anyway, this incident is nothing unusual, I don't know why anyone would jump to such a crazy conclusion as you did, crazy conclusion as you did indeed!



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Perhaps Div (the hunted webmaster whose true identity must remain highly secret) needs to take some form of action against this Chinese/Korean state sponsored terrorism.  I would suggest that Div shuts down the forum to new members for an unspecified (that will fool them) amount of time, just long enough for our communist overlords to identify a new target and move on.


If any of our Asian communist fellow planet dwellers are reading this, I suggest that this forum IS NOT for you.  No you want to move onto other forums where your ideals will not only be welcomed but actually embraced.  So if you are reading this get yourself onto full attack mode and scour the internet for any forum connected to the following


1) Glasgow Rangers

2) Glasgow Celtic

3) Greenock Morton


Those people are ripe for brainwashing and yearn for something more, they are disaffected and may grow to love a bit of communism.  The biggest decision you (as the brainwashers) have to make is....are you pushing Proddy communism or Catholic communism?  Perhaps you could call your Scottish Communist party the "We are the people party".


Div'll fix it. Div'll fix it indeed





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1 hour ago, whydowebother said:

I managed to translate the rogue threads

OP ; St Ricky

Content ; Sold out

Response ; WGAF

You should be so lucky.

1  The club sold all of its available St Mirren Fans tickets for the Final Game at Home - Sold Out

2 The club sold all of its original St Mirren Fans tickets for the Livi Game and then sold Additional Tickets in the North Stand

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