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Stubbs can go now

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2 hours ago, JJ McG said:

What info? :lol: You don’t half get your knickers in a twist for Christ sake.

My opinion is he won’t last long at all, something is clearly wrong behind the scenes, it’s absolutely toxic,  you would have to be an absolute muppet not to see that.

Where did they budget go we had set aside for bringing in Miller? All of a sudden we had to ship players out before we brought anybody else in?

Stubbs blaming everybody but himself in his interviews, the writing is on the wall.


In fairness you do like to parade around the forum in your "ITK" clothes. It shouldnt surprise you that guys like norrie and IOBS, who have the combined intelligence of a wet sock, somehow believe you have magical powers.

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People complaining about recruitment. Begs the question do we need a director of football. Can we afford one.

That would be a big no for me a manager should get a budget and it should be completely upto him and his back room staff who they want.

Don’t need to waste another wage on someone managing the manager who could just be as bad then that’s another wage to pay off.
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2 hours ago, santaponsasaint said:

People complaining about recruitment. Begs the question do we need a director of football. Can we afford one.

No, directors of football is a bit of a nonsense IMHO, Someone to manage a manager and/or take over the football 'operation'. A managers job is what it says on the tin, to manage the team, players, tactics, transfers(obviously with approval from the BOD for budget).  It also means another wage to pay, and like has happened in a number of clubs where a director of football has been present, there seems to be a lot of disharmony- too many cooks as they say

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10 minutes ago, Buddie Marvelous said:

I was a chocy fan. My favorite was Old Jamaca rum and raisin.   mmmm


We were talking about these the other day , this one and Country Crisp which i think was another Cadbury bar.

Edit , It was Country Style , no Crisp.

Edited by linwood buddie
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1 hour ago, oaksoft said:

This forum is absolutely brilliant.

Weeks ago when I said we should be trying to win every match I was slaughtered for it.

Now I am being slaughtered for not saying it by the same people. :lol:

You guys really are a bunch of prize spangles. :lol:

It's you who's the spangle , I agreed with you about trying to win every match . Arsehole :)

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15 minutes ago, RichardBuddie said:

There used to be a sweetie factory in the hillington estate, they did the lemon rock and those clove rock type swedgies. Awesome!!

Do you remember Cadbury's getting raided occasionally and the culprits dumping the ill gotten gains on the dummy railway? Nobody was allowed to look for fear of a doing. Brings back memories of 5 boys chocolate and chocolate eclairs.


In fairness I might have dreamt this.

Edited by magnus
Old age.
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