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Speculation Thread


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If I'm wrong and he has been listed though, it's not a great shock.

He's one of two out of contract forwards in the summer and it was a toss up between himself and Cody Cooke to make way for the striker who is presumably imminent.

Danny can pull the odd belter out of nowhere and works really hard but for me, holding the ball up in the final third isn't his strong suit and it's clear Goodwin likes a forward to do this.

If he's on his way, all the best. Just hopefully it's not to a Hamilton or St. Johnstone where he will undoubtedly hurt us badly.

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1 minute ago, elvis said:

I think it would be crazy if that were true goodwin has been full of praise for him when he's come on hope it's someone taking the piss


You never know. Mullen might see the writing on the wall, out of contract in summer, already told he's not getting extended or doesn't want to extend and both parties want to cut loose now.

Stranger things have happened. If Danny still had 18 months left, I'd be questioning the wisdom of this but he's got 6 months and he's not played as much football as he'd like.

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