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    BaldyOzBud reacted to Kemp in The Ilkay Durmus Thread   
    Fair point, I apologise to the journeyman community which produces many fine servants for clubs of our size.
    Carswell and Hutton are indeed just pish, and bigoted sevco pricks as well.
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to djchapsticks in The Ilkay Durmus Thread   
    I've been in and out of that page like the hokey cokey. Every time I give it another chance, I last about 3 days and have to leave for my own sanity.
    Plus, aren't wingers *technically* forwards and not midfielders?
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to BuddieinEK in The Ilkay Durmus Thread   
    It's one thing responding to others... But is it really necessary when we have a bit of good news at last to be the antagonist?
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to shull in Welcome Sam Foley   
    Hope he is better than a previous Sammy. 
    He was shite at his chosen profession. 
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to Eric Arthur Blair in View From Cairters Corner   
    Can't argue with any of this.
    A few funnies amongst the depressing but accurate summary.
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to munoz in Speculation Thread   
    Time delay from Oz.
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to JM1 in Speculation Thread   
    I reckon both Edwards and Macpherson were playing out of position on Saturday, due to Stubbs not signing many wide players.
    Id reckon Hammill will replace one of them out wide.
    Would be interested in seeing Edwards play through the middle before deciding on whether he's any good or not. I think he was OK against both Celtic and Hibs tbh.
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to guinness in Aberdeen v St. Mirren 6th October 2018   
    Banned for a challenge the referee did not even class a foul whilst other players get reds overturned after kicking people off the ball. All very odd.
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to E=Mc2 in Aberdeen v St. Mirren 6th October 2018   
    Aberdeen may not want us there, but our team need us there. 
    Take the Court Bar bus.
    Leaves at 9am arrives in Stonehaven around 11.30am, lovely town.
    A couple of hours relaxing there then onto the game.
    Good crowd on the bus.
    Non members £12 for the bus.
    Back in Paisley between 8 and 8.30pm.
    A good day out.
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    BaldyOzBud got a reaction from Buddie Marvelous in Getting Close To £30 Admission Fee At St Mirren Park.   
    Ridiculous point, the game is not played on the sidelines.
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    BaldyOzBud got a reaction from Hambud in Getting Close To £30 Admission Fee At St Mirren Park.   
    Ridiculous point, the game is not played on the sidelines.
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to W6Saint in Ban Hamilton, their crap pitch, or both.   
    Don’t hate the player, hate the game.
    These teams have the SFA wrapped around their fingers and are using their woeful surfaces to their advantage.
    The football is rank, opposition players used to training on natural ground get injured frequently, but they win games and thrive in the top league.
    It boils my blood to think of the hoops ourselves and Falkirk (for example) had to jump through in order to get promotion regarding stadia, then there was the Gretna debacle... and now we’re in 2018 watching our ‘elite’ playing on what is effectively boys club level surfaces.
    Oh and whilst we’re on the topic, anything less than 4 stands is absolutely awful too.
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to faraway saint in Saint Mirren V Hibernian 29.9.18   
    Ra morra? 
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to munoz in Saint Mirren V Hibernian 29.9.18   
    Top man . Hopefully see him back one day. 
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to Callum Gilhooley in A New Striker At Last!   
    And that is why you should always make sure you close the app before putting the phone in your pocket and walking to the beach ️
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to Kemp in Hamilton v St Mirren 22/9/18   
    Learn to grow old gracefully Ricky.
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to TPAFKA Jersey 2 in How much to get rid   
    Well if we haven’t then I guess the vast majority (if not all) clubs in Scotland haven’t.
    In all seriousness though, surely if the 40 clubs had the nuts to call their bluff and say “you can come play with us, but only if we’re getting an equal share of the pie”, then they’d have no option. They can’t play each other every week. Of course that wouldn’t mean getting rid of them, but it would be the next best thing.
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to Magic Monkey in Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.   
    Did he?

    Keane, Samaras and...? 
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to Suggestion in Club statement please on police activity in W7   
    Why does everyone keep thinking the police visit was because of a banner at Ibrox?? 
    It wasn’t illegal
    the police visit was about organised violence
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to E=Mc2 in Club statement please on police activity in W7   
    You don't know Tam le Bam?
    Everybody knows a Tam who's a bam.
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to Buddieloyal in Club statement please on police activity in W7   
    You just have to look at some of the banners the GreetiN brigade used to put up which were political in recent time in relation to scottish gov. And no police intervention there. So there is stark contrast between a small group of football enthusiasts and i reckon it was due to our march for the champions that prob got there wee knickers in a twist because that was impressive.

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    BaldyOzBud reacted to East Lothian Saint in Club statement please on police activity in W7   
    "Fans not Criminals". This statement is in no way Political, political with a small p or religious. Neither is it offensive. It is clearly club related as rightly or wrongly some fans feel aggrieved at being singled out by the police. This attention has been aggravated by the fact the club allegedly pointed the police in their direction. 
    Now I have no idea if W7 are plotting mayhem. I find it incredulous that they are being targeted as plausible informants in the war against crime or that specific Police officers have been tasked with monitoring their activities and following them "wherever St mirren go". Maybe they are real bad boys who are up to no good. From personal experience, I doubt it BUT
    To be honest that's  irrelevant. The big issue here is the erosion of our basic freedoms. 
    Criminals have a rights but it seems to me Football fans Don't.
    Protesting your innocence is one of the key tenets of our society. Innocent till proven guilty and all that. Okay if they had staged a "dirty protest" or climbed onto the roof of the stands to protest then someone would have to take action but they waved a wee banner and someone decided that was wrong. Who? Why?
    If a real bad ass criminal decided to stand outside Paisley Sheriff court with a banner saying I'm Innocent and the authorities took it off them, the civil rights movements would be up in arms and no doubt riots would follow.
    Just because your a football fan doesn't mean you don't have rights.
    Absolutely shocking decision to remove that banner IMO.
    It presented no danger or offence  to anyone and removing it, placed fans in the vicinity in more danger than leaving it in place. 
    Was it worth the risk?
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to Callum Gilhooley in Club statement please on police activity in W7   
    Of course it is of consequence.

    Your second sentence however is not. This is The general St.mirren section of the forum , what you reference in your second sentence is well discussed in the match day thread.

    If you feel it’s inconsequential, feel free to leave the debate.
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to Doakes in Club statement please on police activity in W7   
    Even though I disagree with your point, you’ve actually hit the nail on the head. This “one size fits all” policy the police and clubs are using IS dragging us down to their level.
    The banner was made because St Mirren supporters are being directly targeted by police about organised violence and the like, despite not being involved in anything like that previously, it’s not what we’re about. 
    Our club should be backing us up on that. They know as well as you do that we’re not hooligans. 
    It’s not claiming we’re victims or stopping the police from doing their jobs - it’s simply asking to be treated fairly and not ASSUMED to be trouble makers. 
    People who sing at football = bad seems to be a UK wide issue.
    Police tactics need to be changed and the banner was the only way of getting that message across
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    BaldyOzBud reacted to LargsBud in Club statement please on police activity in W7   
    The irony of it is that the club have made a bigger deal and generated significantly more attention towards the banner than if they had just left it.
    Everybody knows exactly what the banner said. When its seen its seen. Taking it down after 30 seconds isn't going to wipe peoples memory.
    Its now all over twitter and significantly publicised because of the ridiculous reaction by the club over this.  We wouldn't have reached 9 pages of discussion about the matter if the club  had just left it.
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