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Poor R*ngers Theads Merged.....


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Just finished reading that Daily Record story. What a complete clusterfcuk. One shyster after another falling over themselves to rape the rotting carcass to line their shady pockets with tainted cash.

I can smell the stench of Aramis after shave and cheap Ralph Slater suits from here.

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Could Ahmad simply be claiming against being called Chuckie's "little Paki friend"? :o

Or is it just more ripping the financial pish out of The Peepul?

My amazement gets daily ever more amazed.

I'd felt sure the House of Cards would collapse just in time for them to NOT have to pay the even stupider big wages of Daly and such, maybe by Xmas or even November.... But will it be kept alive, just hirpling along even through September?

It's a tragedy. :)

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Nicky Clark thinks his Newcunto team can score over 100 goals in League One this season.

' BIG f**kIN WOWEE !!! '

That mob playing the likes of Stranraer and East Fife every week is like Stranraer and East Fife playing against The Brownies.


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