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Motherwell v St Mirren Sat 5th October

faraway saint

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14 minutes ago, Hands of stone said:

Cause he's been utter shite and doesn't deserve to be in squad.

And you base this on ? He is one player in a squad he is not messi or our messiah. In my opinion all our forward thinking players are beong stifled by out set up yes it has got us the 3rd best defensive record in the league and something to build from but we are the lowest scorers this needs to be worked on now. And for me its not all down to McAllister others need to step up as well

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39 minutes ago, Eric Arthur Blair said:


This is a good line up, especially glad to see MacPherson back on the bench - I noticed he was not in the reserve squad last week.

Let's hope the goals come for us and the fear factor drains away quickly and permanently...

Sorry to hear MacAllister is missing, hope the rest/treatment  gives him a chance to recover well, soon . . . 

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1 minute ago, elvis said:

Think you need to sign up to it but don t think it cost. You probably won't want to bother now Well have scored so games over. 

This is only a tactic - let them feel a false sense of security and then BAM BAM 2 quick fire goals from our deadly strikers and attack minded players . . .😎

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Have to say though their goal was a fab shot - Hladky had no chance

1 minute ago, Desperately Seeking Susans said:

Goal apart, absolute shite.  We are going backwards.

agree - we are playing like a team that expects to get beat... we need something magical to turn things around ASAP...

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