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St Mirren v Aberdeen 12.30 26 1 2020

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7 minutes ago, turrabuddie said:

Attended a Burns Supper in Paisley last night so don’t have the long commute to the match today.

JG needs to have the team set up to be more attacking. I don’t mean not the park the bus as against Sevco, I mean playing two up front and or two wide men.
I don’t think setting up to defend and hit them on the break will do it today. I’d prefer to see us go after them. From the start.

Home win 2-0 or 3-1

Obika and Junior (and Andreu)

What is up with McGrath ? I’d love to see him start today but I’m sure I saw somewhere that he’s injured. What happened ?

Too much Scottish juice still rattling around if you think we can score 2 or 3 goals against Aberdeen. :lol:

Although it would mean we have to set out to attack so lets see what happens.

Wrap up well, it's a shit day out there. 

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On 1/25/2020 at 12:10 AM, faraway saint said:

St Mirren 12/5, Aberdeen 6/5, 11/5 the draw.

Shows how poor Aberdeen are right now, the odds would normally be, IMO, much wider.

A great opportunity to get something from this game, unless we're set up not to lose again. 

No change in the odds, despite a whole lot of cash going on since I posted the above. :rolleyes:

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Four posts in the last hour by the same poster in this thread including answering their own post. Just a measure of the excitement over this match, I hope. About to wash, shave, get dressed and get ready to travel to the match. Hoping for a decent away support, good home support and a good game with an outcome that suits Saints. 

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1 minute ago, whydowebother said:

Saints 3-2 Aberdeen


I like your thinking WDWB. 

Would love those predictions to come about. Is there time for those in travelling distance to make the match and help your crowd prediction come about? 


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Bar a win by two goals against an utterly shit St.J, we haven't won by more than one goal in the league.

If we win today it will be the usual nail biting experience, unless we finally start to be more clinical with our finishing.

Fingers crossed Aberdeen continue to underperform.🤞

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On our way to Zone 74 in East Kilbride 

Indoor entertainment with air conditioning. 

Good Cafe 

Free Parking 

Free Wifi 

2 hours scootering on the ramps for the wee yin .,only £7.00.

£1.50 for Coffee. How much at rip off St Mirren FC ? 

Great afternoon out. 

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