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Kirk Broadfoot

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Long and the short of it all is - 

1. He decided he wanted to be there and not here.. Good Bye !

2. We save on his wages.  More for future deals !

3. We get his sign on fee back. As Above.

4. He is almost 36 years old. Decent player but has been injured for 1/2 the season and will likely be worse next year.

5. We have two decent young keen and able lads in at CB during the window. Both look better than we might have hoped....

6. We have more dosh available than we expected and will bring in a 4th choice CB if the right one is willing to come.

7. We have injured players coming back into the squad - McAllister, then MacKenzie and McGinn - all very capable on their day. (Magennis next season)

8. We did some serious business during the window and look like scoring goals will be less of an issue from here in.

9. We beat Hamilton in the next game - and they are going down !            :bounce2        :magic          :spud7

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I don't know why folk are going over the top about K.irk Oddfoot leaving us.

I can't see us even noticing it as he wasn't going to get a game unless our new centre backs were unavailable.

Let's be honest here. His wages were probably too much for his pecking order.

Thanks for saving us cash you feckin' wank!

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