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Rangers International FC v St Mirren SPFL PREMIERSHIP 15/4/23


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On 10/5/2022 at 6:10 PM, Tommy said:

As bad as we might hope they are, any team winning 4-0 at Tynecastle can't be bad. 

I think it will go as usual with us failing to leave a glove on them and losing 2 or 3 nil. 

Our normal performance at Ibrox continue,  but on the bright side, very few bigots were left in the ground to see it. 


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I’m not too disheartened by this. I think we’ve played ok, daft as that sounds when you’ve been beat 4-0. 
Have to say I thought Main was excellent today. Can’t really single anyone out as having a stinker either 

Put it to bed and roll on next week. 

Also Livi and St. Johnstone games went our way today and if we lost, either Hibs or Motherwell were always going to go above us anyway. 
No real harm done. 

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37 minutes ago, JJ McG said:

O’hara’s worst game in a st mirren shirt today 

Yes he was pretty much anonymous. Thought Erhahon and Baccus fought hard and were good when we had the ball. Greive tried hard but was brushed aside far too often. If Ayunga and Main are available when we play this mob in Paisley I think we may cause them a few problems. Tough day, move on.

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As much as I admire Robertson, today he had a total lack of imagination having brought on Tait, a defender, when we were 3 down instead of, for example, Henderson or any other sub who would have the opportunity to experience a first team experience at Ibrox.  Henderson does have the ability to score and let's face it, we were never going to win with 20 minutes to go.

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1 minute ago, munoz said:

Greive shot 1st half, Fraser free header 1st half, O'Hara one on one - McGregor save.

I will give you OH'ara but Fraser header was a joke and never a chance for him.

Didn't see Greive but if Buds are happy at what they saw, well fair due to them. 


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