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Speculation Thread


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It doesn't look good yes they are sitting next to each other but there are plenty of other empty seats. I would expect us to be in for them

But I truly hope not there both past it and novo is a crettin

Really? If I was going to sign a player who was out of contract, I wouldn't sit next to him in public before the contract was signed.

However, the striker we are going to get is going to be someone like Fallon/Parkin/Magennis. Any main striker coming here knows he isn't going to play every week.

Our captain and legend has that position nailed down, and we aren't going to play with 2 out and out strikers. Therefore we aren't going to get anyone top notch, as a top notch player won't be happy sitting on the bench every week, whereas someone like Fallon would.

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Don't know if this should be here or Childhood Games but can anybody remember how to play musical chairs? Just get everybody in the directors box to keep changing seats. Not a very good game but it might stop a lot of good rumours or shit being spread around depending on how you look at it.

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I don't make these things up or have a mysterious insider. I speak fairly regularly to Brian Caldwell and last season I had a discussion with him re Novo and he said that TC was a lot more keen on bringing him in than DL, who was more keen on trying to sign Ryan Stevenson from Hearts.

Can you in that case he a wee word in his ear about not entertaining Novo for fear of upsetting our supporters.

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