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While trapped in Cumbria here ,trying to get Strips online is near impossible , anyone know whats happening next season kit wise. Quite frankly this is shit must be losing a fortune in sales .

Although the general setup with the shirts is utterly crap, I have generally found the online part of JD to be very good ?

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What gets me with most online stores is the £5 P&p charge! How much are they saving on staff / light / rates etc?

Just a wee point on this. I do understand your frustration but it really is unavoidable. On the Club Merchandise site (non JD) that we run. We charge £5.95. The charge we have from our couriers for a fully traceble and insured service is £5.95. On the margins that we make, if we had to give free p&p it just wouldn't be worth running an online shop. It really is that simple. We are saving nothing on staff, lights, rates etc as this needs paid anyway. With an online shop, we also have hosting costs, web design costs, card processing charges, photography costs etc. It's not quite as straight forward as it sometimes seems.

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49 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

I have been near, passed by it many times but not inside it for many years, 9 years to be precise. 

I take it the 11 games you attended in 2018/19 were all away games, then?! 😉

14 minutes ago, Mainstand Sweary Mob said:
1 hour ago, W6er said:
Does anyone know if the club shop sells pin badges? The website suggests it only sells replica kit at the minute.

Yeah there are. My brother bought my son some.

Thanks, pal.  :)

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Is it actually? default_laugh.png

There was around 16 in the shop, A dad / 2 kids returning a 2 strips that were posted , a couple returning one strip they got posted to a family member as a gift and a teenager doing the same saying it was his birthday present , they were all discussing it openly as they queued ALL were posted to customers and all the away strip that’s separate from the two families I know personally who returned via post within an hour of being delivered

The new batch are actually the old batch still 2 sponsor logos over printed

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