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Morton v Saints 12 August

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Having read the statement that Julian Banjos referenced above I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being a mixture of stewards checking tickets and pay at the gate for those without a brief. Expect chaos especially if they think they've got the electronic turnstiles working by Saturday but they fail about 2pm! I wonder if we recommended Interstadia to them...

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14 hours ago, Liverpool Bud said:

Morning Saints fans

sorry I'm a bit confused - maybe I've mis read or misunderstood the ticketing arrangrments

due to a change in family plans I now have a free weekend and I would like to travel from Warrington up to the game on Saturday

i normally get the half 9 train which arrives in Glasgow for just after midday - giving me enough time to grab a pre match pint and get to Paisley to meet friends or travel on to the away fixture destination

So my issue is ( am I right ?) it will not be possible for me to purchase a ticket for the game 

if this is so how does this work for people who can only decide they are going to the game on match day - or are unable to order /pay / or collect a ticket from the stadium?

if this is the situation who do I direct my communication with?


I am in the fortune position of being off work all week if you need someone to go get you a ticket I could do that for you.

3 hours ago, Mr Zo said:

What train time are most people getting down to Cappielow?

Never got the train down and quite fancy it but wondered if it would be better just to get a supporters bus down instead.

Supporters buses probably will be all full.

1 hour ago, StevieG said:



Probably better off getting one a bit earlier to be on the safe side.


Train Times are 13.25, 13.51 or 14.23.

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A club in turmoil with old boy hanging on..... Easdales waiting in wings to no doubt use the ground for drug trafficking and somewhere to put the dead bodies.....

The SFA should demand this ground is brought up to at least Health and Safety


My Ton pals are totally fed up also so on this one blame the numpties that run it, anyway 3 points Sat, we are 5 points clear, the most we have been in 3 seasons, hopefully by end of season there are 2 divisions between us AGAIN

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Ex workmate have invited us down to the Morton supporters club [emoji38]  Knowing my luck when the barmaid ask if there is a Mark Yardley in the bar I would stand up and say yes :boxing 

It's a fair distance from the ground
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Ordered tickets online Tuesday they arrived in North Berwick on Wednesday so ticket office doing their job at our end.

Just as an aside the Royal Mail Bookmark denoted they support mental health  awareness which could mean one of two things

A. You have to be mad to support St Mirren


B. Anyone visiting Greenock will need counselling


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3 minutes ago, Clydebanksaint said:

Does anyone know if there is any likely good of their being a cash turnstile or tickets being purchased down their I simply can't get to paisley tomo due to work which has been the same last 10 days online portal just crashes and no one answered phone earlier part of week so too late for any other options 

Ticket Office is open to 7 tonight 


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5 minutes ago, Clydebanksaint said:

Cheers shull this has been my problem lol I signed up for overtime the last week and working 07:00-22:00 since last Thursday they've gave me Saturday off and I decided I fancied this game but it seems not unless they decide to do pay at gate due to the turnstile issues they are having 

That's some shift. 

Anyway, can you not get away from work for an hour or so to nip to Paisley.? 

Dentist, Doctor appointment etc :rolleyes:

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