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Stubbs Sacked


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1 minute ago, linwood buddie said:

They would maybe been involved in scouting Kellerman.

Quote from OS when we signed Kellerman.



As manager Jack Ross is away on holiday, James Fowler spoke about the signing of Kellermann.

He said: "He's one we've been tracking for a while. He got brought to our attention by Martin Christie, our Head of recruitment, about two or three months ago. So he is one we have monitored towards the end of the season, and we got up and spoke to him and we were really impressed.



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18 minutes ago, TopCat said:



That’s the point. He’s been sacked cause of that game.



Are you saying bring back Jack Ross. Of course not you wanted him sacked. Yet you back Stubbs. What a strange person you are , seriously. 

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12 minutes ago, TopCat said:


So what has he been sacked for?

What’s our managers being judged on if not results?

Was the win against Dundee symptomatic of anything? Or just the Livi loss..?


I’m most definitely not ITK but I expect he was sacked for his wasteful recruitment policy. Or possibly for his apparent poor man-management/motivation skills.  Or possibly for his baffling team selection.  Or possibly for building a poor management team. Take your pick, I just hope he wasn’t sacked for his demeanour or for choosing to sit in the dug out. 

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1 hour ago, Eric Arthur Blair said:

Oh well, now that's he's gone I can reveal that the reason he lost the dressing room was this...

Apparently he told the players they might as well throw their league winners medals in the bin because last season they were a one-man team (Lewis Morgan) and now he was gone.

You serious ?

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Do you really think that it will cost us around £1 million to get rid of the management team?:blink:

I said we were spunking it, I never said we were spunking it all.

A manager on a 3 year deal with 2 coaches. You telling me that’s not an expensive decision to make 4 league games in?

That alright for you snowflake?
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2 minutes ago, Hambud said:
25 minutes ago, magnus said:
Not trying to wind you up Bud. The point I am trying to make is that SG's tweet indicates that he is very pally indeed with "Jim and Billy" so the leak to SG might have come from that source as opposed to our Bod.

My point still stands why would SG feel the nee to show off as ITK. Disappointing from him.

I agree 100% . His Twitter account has all sorts of analytics on it so I think he likes the views and follows maybe a tad too much. Either way it hasn't helped this situation.

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