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12 hours ago, Eric Arthur Blair said:

Storie St, 1950s

No photo description available.

My Maw’s cousin, John Scott and his family, lived in a  tenement just to the right - above Jas. C.   Mibbe ..... :unsure:

three daughters, IIRC. Isabel, Fiona and...  the boyhood memory fades.  

Just a room and kitchen was about the size of it.  Shared lavvie oot the back, next to the cattle market...

Ah... the nostalgia for such a glamorous age!  :rolleyes:

they were glamorous days, much missed.

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1 hour ago, Eric Arthur Blair said:

Storie St, 1954

Image may contain: outdoor

My above post - wrt the Scott family - was wrong.  They lived above that Corrigan's shop.


The wee 'kirk', slightly set back on the rhs beyond the windae-shopping man, were supplementary halls for the Orr Square kirk  (just showing at the top of the hill).


The halls hosted  23rd BB and Lifeboys.  Think there were also Girl Guides, too.

And they did Sunday schools in there, too.


Big hall doonstairs and wee yin upstairs.

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Re photo of Storie Street 1954. From the bottom left corner is the pub that was well supported

by the Farmers on market days.  After the pub, was that the side entrance to Priorscroft Bowling Club?

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11 minutes ago, Eric Arthur Blair said:
32 minutes ago, faraway saint said:
Noticed a garden plot type set up at the end of Underwood Road last week, near the roundabout, looked new? 

It's been there a few months.

is it a council thing or private? 

Only glanced as I drove past, looks like lots of raised wooden, erm, no sure what you'd call them. 

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