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Welcome Keith Lasley

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Fantastic incentive and these kids are a welcome addition.Important to add that the 12 kids on match days are local kids known to the street stuff programme.  Majority are St.Mirren fans making incredible memories. A few non st.mirren fans but on the understanding they will be st.mirren fans by the end of the season 😂 Again it’s about giving these kids the opportunity to belong to something and a cause that they might not get elsewhere.

Again all the kids working together for the good of our club



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2 hours ago, FTOF said:

Stick it in the "I hate The Kibble" thread, just in case the moon howlers miss it.

In the absence of any "sloppy journalism" thread, perchance?  Why even bother with this, never mind lead with it?

"WHEN St Mirren posted a loss of £1.6m in their annual accounts, the disappointing results were seized upon by some supporters of Celtic and Rangers as a comeuppance for the club’s temerity to slash – it is never simply ‘reduce’ - their ticket allocations for their visits to the SMiSA Stadium".


"There are no such worries at St Mirren, who are on course to record their highest ever average home attendance over the course of the season, and Lasley is sure that the uptick is at least partly due to the fact the Saints fans have been made to feel as if their stadium is their own"

  • Highest average home attendance: 17,333, 1949–50 (15 games)[15]  ]From a Wikipedia page, but referrenced to the source publication. 
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