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League Cup Final Saints V Hearts 17/3/13


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Proud as f**k. What a day.

Even when not playing well, we got the result that mattered and that is all I care about.

What an unreal atmosphere. I'll never for get that.

I came to tears at the end of it all, as everyone was leaving I took a wee seat myself and proceeded to blub like a big lassie...not even ashamed to admit itclap.gif.

I have never loved another man, then along comes Stevie Thompsoncloud9.gif . The emotion on his face said it all, I can only imagine it's exactly the same feeling I'd have scoring for us in a cup final. Also some real emotion from Gowser too I hear.

What a day. What a night.

Well done everyone, you were different class.

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aw' whit, man! just in. what can i say. so emotional, today. and the town centre for the bus was such a great moment.

i know it's soppy, but, the BBC clip with big thomo and van zanten, dancing on the podium with the kids brought a wee tear to my eye; that summed it up what it meant to be buddie.

gob bless and goodnight xxx

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Couldn't quite put it into words last night... Was just so bloody happy! I cried my eyes out when Thommo scored, Conor scored and then again from about the 80th minute onwards! Emotional wreck! Barely slept a wink last night and now I'm going to attempt to teach some weans! I might just put the match on for them and get them to draw panda pictures!

Just so bloody proud of those boys! Cheesy, Jim, Thommo, Vanzy... I love you all! And the rest weren't too bad either!

When we went back to paisley we were standing beside a guy who was giving it the 'I was there in 87'... I replied with 'oh well I wasn't even born - were you there today?' And his reply was NO! I just looked at him and said well this is our time... This is our generations turn to have the 'I was there' moment and I'm going to hold onto this feeling for ever! Yes, we've won the league twice, and won the Bells Cup in my time as a fan but yesterday - that was something so special!

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Just sat down this morning and thought about yesterday and I've started greetin like a big f**king baby!

Cannae believe it.

f**k sake, pull yourself together man!

Don't worry about it Bud. You are not the only one who is emotional today.

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Great to read through this thread especially the bits during the game from Bluto. Well done sir!

I was almost glad Hearts scored early as I had more or less resigned myself to us being pumped at that stage. We had frozen and things looked VERY bad. But we have got a handful of big game players at the club, matchwinners. I said before the game that theseguys would be the ones that would lift us and by f**k they did that! That goal before half time changed the whole game, got us back into the game when we looked done for, it gave Hearts a kick in the nuts as they knew they had pummelled us and there we were level. Then Thompsons goal right after half time more or less screwed up any plans Hearts had for us. And the third...ooft!

Was there in 87 and while it was wonderful, it wasnt as good a game. Yesterday was a fantastic cup final, absolutely wonderful and one that none of us will EVER forget. And its worth mentioning Hearts fans yesterday. They were fantastic before and after the game. Just two sets of fans there for a good day out and hoping their team would win. No nastiness whatsoever. That just about restored my faith in football. And cheers to the Hearts punter who gave me a can of beer out his cargo on the way home. A gent!!

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Never been more proud / happy / emotional in my puff.

Great day that will last forever in the memory.

My 2 children will be able to say in years to come that they were at hampden on the greatest day ever.

we even managed to play some nice football. Danny Lennon take a bow, bringing in Teale was a masterstroke

Thommo you are the man.

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walking down cathcart road after the game we saw 2 jam tarts getting out of a car and dancing in the street while the car was at the traffic lights. Had a wee laugh with them and they said we deserved to win and asked me what they would be like if they had won. well done all you jamtarts it was good to have no old firm bile involved in what will be remembered as a classic final.

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A Buddies Dream

East versus West, there’s a tale to be told,

And 16,000 Saints fans, will watch it unfold.

On Sunday, March 17th, The day of a Saint,

We’ll be heading for Hampden, with scarfs and war paint.

As that day draws near, anticipation will grow,

We’ll all look forward, to a glorious show.

And when it arrives, I hope we can say,

It’s been a truly, magical and magnificent day.

As the Saints on the park all played their parts,

In ultimately defeating, the Midlothian Hearts.

Back they’ll all travel, beaten, of course

Returned to their chippies with their salt’nsauce

While we celebrate, Saint Mirren on the podium,

With chips and the help of, acetic acid and sodium

A day to remember, a night of deep joy

When the dreams of Buddies, be it girl, or boy,

Became a reality and the Saints team walked up,

To be presented with the trophy, the Scottish league cup.

And now to reality

And so came the day, the team sheet read out,

One change was made, from the Celtic rout.

In came Paul Dummett, at the expense of Carey,

And the first twenty minutes, were no less than scary.

Hearts well on top, and a goal to the good,

Missing chances, and hitting the wood.

But still we clung on, and lo and behold,

Our players stepped up, and scored their first goal.

Thompson flicked on, with Teale in full flight

He waltzed past defenders, down on the right.

A quick look around, and he sees it so plain,

And passes to Isma, to be the hero again.

With the crowd going wild, the ball’s in the net,

And the pain of the first quarter, we start to forget.

The second half starts, the whistles just gone,

Another goal for the Saints. Thompson’s on song.

2-1’s now the score, and belief is abound,

You could physically feel it, in the West of the ground.

There was better to come, as time ticked away,

Newton passed to Isma, and continued the play.

Goncalves flicked on, and in Connor stole,

“Baw’s in the pokey”, Saint Mirren’s third goal.

After Hearts got forward, and pulled one goal back,

It was our hearts not there’s that were having attacks

Lest we forget, it’s not just goals that you score,

To win a league cup, takes so much more.

Samson’'s save, and a Van Zanten block,

As we watched from the stand, the tick of the clock.

The whistle blows, it’s the end of the game,

Goodwin walks up, the trophy to claim

First Goodwin, then Samson, Thompson are there

McGinn, Van Zanten, McAusland and Mair,

Dummett, Newton, McGowan all go up

To lift that elusive, Scottish League Cup

Carey, McLean Adam, Parkin as well

All get their chance, so proud you can tell.

Then Teale and Goncalves, outstanding we say

They’ll all be remembered, for what happened that day

Last but not least, it’s the managers turn,

Danny Lennon lifts, the bright silver urn.

And as each of them lifted the cup and turned round

Tears were being shed, by all left in the ground.

So the cup comes to Paisley, the first time it’s been,

And throughout the town, were incredible scenes.

All I can say, to the staff and the players,

Is thank you for answering, all of our prayers!

Edited to correctly identify Parkin in the squad.

Edited by stlucifer
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Just back home in Essex and reliving yesterday. Had a great day came up with my two sons for what was one of the best experiences anyone can have. Everything you read in the above posts makes you realise why we follow this club. We do it because we BELIEVE that once in awhile all will come together and we can enjoy and savour the moment.

On the game itself it was typical St Mirren make it hard for ourselves. However this is a team that tries to play football on the grass not in the air. Stick with this and who knows we can do this again.

Off to watch it again on tv, again and again and again.

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