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The "i'll Hold My Hands Up And Say I Was Wrong About Danny

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I will admit I thought danny wouldn't have lasted until today ,my only concern is why it took the team until Monday to give a toss,whether this is down to danny or players we will never know but if this is the level we will be playing at every week then im all for danny to stay for a while yet

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C`mon , your being a wee bit premature here arent you ? I really want Danny to succeed like any right minded Saints fan, but lets remember the calls for him to go were as a result of a long period of under achieving (LC aside)

No -one would consider calling for his removal or questioning his judgement on the basis of one or two results so what makes you so confident that the events of the past six days mean he is the right man for the job....

....For the record, i hope he is the right man , i hope he does turn things round but lets not get too carried away (despite my rallying cry on the matchday thread !! tongue.png )

One swallow does not make a summer & all that . Its a start but if your holding out for a queue of people asking forgiveness for doubting Danny ?... dont hold your breath.

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As long as we remain detached from the pack I think Danny will remain under pressure. If we are further adrift at xmas than we are now then I wonder if there might be a change.

Whilst it's unlikely that Hearts side will collect 15 points more than us come May, we could easily go down via the playoffs.

Given it's Danny's 4th season and Rangers are absent from the league, we should really be looking at consolidating around 7th or 8th rather than battling to avoid 11th.

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Have been as frustrated as the next fan and could not see a way back for Danny but there you go what a difference a week can make make. Who knows if we will win next week but one thing is for sure confidence will be up on this time last week which is no bad thing.

Danny has looked ill lately no doubt from being under severe pressure hopefully the results this week have taken some weight off Danny’s shoulders Tommy to. The balance of the team has been found that works best. Players on the bench will need to wait their turn now , when their turn comes they will need to try harder and show real commitment to the squad.

Well done to the management and players not forgetting the traveling fans who all played their part in this wonderful result today.

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