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Orange Walk In Paisley On 25/6/16


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This continually amazes me and fascinates me, sadly in the most morbid and curious way.

These events , whether they are triumphalist, or rebelious , somehow seem to be all about defiance and arrogance, as well as a basic wind up.

I have been in the wrong place at the wrong time on several occasions and witnessed a few in various places and the one constant seems to be the absolute throbbers, the gobsmackingly lowest of the low in human form that seem to shuffle along at the side of these events.

I've never seen so many bottom feeders and deadbeats in human form in the one place before as those that assemble and enthusiastically accompany the ' bands' along the pavements. Its scarily fascinating to witness this. It almost has you rubbing your eyes in disbelief, well I do , but I'm clearly a naive sort at times............

Personally, I wouldn't sanction any of these marches anywhere at all in the public domain be it for one side or the other. Its a completely cringeworthy thing imo.

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