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3 minutes ago, Scott-Leeds said:

Adams as per usual is afraid to shoot, scraps tonight perhaps? But fails to play a positive part

Taking unnecessary extra touches

Couldn’t find the net with satnav

There have been far worse players today. Don't see the point in singling out one.

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Just now, Rascal said:

And in attempts but they scored 2 wonderful goals and one  from a defensive error that was bundled in. Just keeping a sense of proposition 

And virtually no switching of play to open them up. Gives them man on man and hard work covers thay

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23 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

Well turn the telly off then.

Oh, it's Gogglebox ya dimwit. 

If your agreeing with Jamie Carragher, a well ridiculed pundit, it shows pretty much where you are when assessing a football match.


So you saying he was wrong you f**king clown.

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3-0, game over.

A sore one, lacking any real class, lost the midfield battle and just a poor performance.

At the same time credit to Ireland, the wee rugby player was the real difference with two classy touches.

Ach well, the Ukraine game, along with today, have been massively disappointing in performances, and, obviously, results. 

1 minute ago, elvis said:

So you saying he was wrong you f**king clown.

Oh the irony. :lol:

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