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Lewis Morgan

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15 minutes ago, Drew said:

So you reckon tweets referring to him as a "turncoat ******** bastard" are fair enough in the circumstances.

I think its a shame that any talented young Scottish player's career is coloured in this way.

Agreed it's bollox but you'll find a similar level of abuse at every football ground in the country, not known for subtlety are football fans. 

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To Lewis Morgan,    fair play to you buddie.. you could have held off and we'd have got little or nothing.. but you thank us in two and perhaps three ways:-
1. £300,000 to this club - much needed and will be re-invested well we hope.
2. You are staying to get a winners medal... and that will make you a legend of sorts to all of us who are fans etc.
3.  I suspect there is a sell on clause.. and we therefore may well benefit in future.
We salute you and wish you an incredible future... especially over the next 5 months....
We also hope you become a Scottish International and we do better as a nation in your era...
All the best for the future

Well said
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26 minutes ago, shull said:

Daft question 

Morgan wouldn't of signed such a contract last season and the season before it would have been a massive risk to give him such a long contract. Should we of given Lewis McLear, Thomas Reilly, Mo Yaqub or any other player that showed a glimmer of hope such a long term deal in the hope they develop into a Lewis Morgan? It's risk and reward 

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Well done SMFC!

 Gordon Scott, Jack Ross and Lewis Morgan have all done the right thing by the club which is unheard of these days.

Lewis could have walked but we keep him and get as much as we got for wee Stevie Mallan.  Be great if Stevie came back on loan and both lads got winners medals but we are still a long way off winning anything and have yet to go through a bad spell, which we will.  

So brilliant lads, credit to you all, but get focussed on the job in hand.  Nothing else matters.



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I think some might be missing the point I'm trying to make here (probably not very effectively).

I'm not meaning that it is a shame for Morgan specifically, more that I think it is a broader damning indictment of the Scottish footlball climate that mouth breathing bigots have used the signing as fuel for their toxic, bigoted bile.  To me, that is a shame, and it is a pity that Morgan has got caught up in that - regardless of whether he might have anticipated it.

Edited by Drew
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5 minutes ago, Lord Pityme said:

Shellick fans insisting there's no sell on clause, as they could have waited till June and had him for buttons.

wonder if the board will let us know?

St Mirren fans insist there is..................depends who you want to believe. <_<

Unlikely anything official will be revealed by any of the 2 clubs. 

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I'm sure the green bigot fans that are claiming that there's no sell on fee are as well informed as the blue bigot shareholders.

I suppose when you're unemployed and spend your day standing outside the parkhead piggery, making up fantasy stories would be the highlight of your day.

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Found this magazine while cleaning out a drawer tonight and spotted a very young Lewis on the back. It's a pretty awful kit but nowhere near as bad as any Celtic top.


Excited for young Morgan getting a big money move and good he is coming back to the buds with us getting some money in the bank but a tad saddened by the fact it's Celtic. It's good to see our youngsters rewarded for their hard work with big money moves. Hopefully an endorsement to any youngsters that St Mirren is a club worth signing for.


We have seen some really good talent come through the club in the last few years from McGinn, McLean, Mallan, McAllister and Morgan plus Naismith, McAusland and Kelly. The club's academy has scouted and produced a good number of very talented youngsters all thanks to David Longwell and co. Hopefully McManus and co can be as fruitful in the coming years.


I do think Morgan will do a broadfoot and continue to play out his skin for St Mirren and do his best to get us promoted this year. I don't see his high standards slipping.


It does break your heart slightly to see him go to Celtic though.







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I'm told by a celtic supporter that there is no sell on clause as there is an appearance fee if he plays x number of games etc.. He seems to be in the know about celtic contracts if Morgan does become an established first team player the contract is weighted in our favour if he does not make it then all we get is the 300k plus the loan this season

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