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Livingston v St Mirren League Cup

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Well doesn’t look like we’ll be going to the game tomorrow.

Phoned Livi this morning, and told they’d delivered all tickets to us so I’d need to contact our club.

Phoned ticket office, voicemail, left name and number but like many others on here, nobody has called.

So I Emailed the ticket office, and to the surprise of absolutely no one , no one has replied.


After a follow up phone call and second voicemail message I have just received the promised call back. All good now and about to order tickets online.

Thank you Weebud
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1 hour ago, turrabuddie said:

Thanks, my son just said the same thing. Do you know of they email the tickets ? Currently travelling and won’t be able to collect from the ground.

They emailed my tickets Buddie

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Latest odds, we really could do with a win, keep us in the cup and give the players some confidence.
If we don't win today we'll probably be winless approaching the end of August. 

Bookies never normally wrong - we could do with a win, won’t go near this on my coupon!!
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