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Yeah the usual line by people who have no idea how businesses like this are run is to think it's valid to compare the cost of buying stuff like tea (pennies per bag) with the price at the till (£2 for example) and then immediately leaping to the conclusion that obscene profits are being made.

The core cost for a business like that will be rent, wages, other employee costs and utilities.

A tea shop in a high street or other place where there is a decent amount of footfall might have outgoings of around £50k to £100k per year.

That would require a hell of a lot of tea to be sold just to break even.

25,000 to 50,000 cups of tea a year to be precise.

For a six day week that would be about 80 to 160 cups of tea per day or equivalently around 8 to 16 cups of tea every hour of every day the shop is open (bear in mind the fact that the shop will probably only have perhaps a maximum of 2 to 4 busy hours per day)!! Just to break even and receive no salary yourself!!!

Good luck to anyone who can sell that amount.

There are no obscene profits being made by the vast majority of people running this type of business.

I suspect these are some of the reasons why the club doesn't provide these services inhouse.

I think you summed that up to a 'tea' :D

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Will we receive confirmation as soon as the £100K payment has been made and exclusivity secured?

We'll need a DivScoop*

*Terms & Conditions apply. All information correct at the time of posting. DivScoops take no responsibility for scoops that go poops.

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The basis of my post is pointing out the cost to the club. Just like if you are serving food at T In The Park there is a high rental cost to be paid for which reflects the high selling price of food and drinks. The same goes for football stadiums.

Exactly. I was agreeing with you bud.

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So does anyone know when SMiSA are meeting the selling consortium. Surely the BoD must have something scheduled for this week or are we going to have to wait until July 15th?

there have been ongoing discussions throughout but the focus at the moment is with the legalities and the work being undertaken to get to the stage where the deposit for exclusivity is posted.

once in place that will be announced, hopefully sooner rather than later, which then gives a time period to get everything concluded

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