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Paul McGinn signs

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Welcome back, Paul.

There can't be many players who sign for a club the very day the management team depart, so that's one for the grandweans in the bank before you've even kicked a ball.

Might even be a decent pub quiz question in Paisley boozers in years to come (if any remain open, that is).


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36 minutes ago, Bud the Baker said:

Reminds me of DVZ signing before DL arrived - that didn't work out too bad.

Might be the last one till we get the new guy appointed. :unsure:

David-Hopkin.jpgWhere's the beef?


Fcuk me, it’s Campbell Kennedy’s wee brother.

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Spoke to a few Thistle fans regarding Paul McGinn. They all state he is at best bang average and certainly not their first choice left back., which says a lot about a club that's just been relegated and was hovering around the bottom end of the table all season.

Footnote to this, what if the new Manager doesn't rate him?? Potentially a complete and utter waste of a wage, not to mention messing the boy about.  Only time will tell,

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