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The Jim Goodwin Interviews Thread

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He says Danny disnae do Team formations.

The players log onto the expert tumshies on B&W Army for that sort of guidance.

Quite right too. Bud the Baker mastermind behind the league cup triumph and St Mirren legend

ETA not forgetting Saltcoats Buddies motivational speeches

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Great interview, has his head screwed on and speaks well. Fully agree that the support will play a huge part in what we're trying to do - easy to underestimate the importance. We're a far better football team when the fans are playing their part from the stands.

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53 minutes ago, djchapsticks said:

Fantastic interview.

Just listening to him actually makes me confident that this season is going to be a belter.

Agree entirely an understated interview with no wild claims,  but plenty on intent; excellent, only problem is who is this James guy,,,,,,,,,,,,, where's Jimbo?  😎

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1 hour ago, faraway saint said:

Do I NEED to listen to these to be in with the in crowd? 

Nah, I'll just hope Goodwin, and I have every faith in him, does the business with results. :wink:

I never listed to any when the "love in" was going on with Ross or Kearney, I'll probably go to the bad fire. :lol:

Translation: 'Uhhhhh, you're all the same and conformist, I'm so different'

Actual footage of FS:


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What a man,demands respect, and love it when he says nobody guaranteed a game,if not trying or playing shit,you out the team,we had numerous players last season playing shit but Kearney stick to usual players and shape and tactics, Goodwin is a breathe of fresh air and best thing that's happend down there in many a year really hope he gets us success and established premiership team again,in goody we trust

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