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Let's Move On .. Saints V Killie 17/8/13


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A defeat here would really be unthinkable even this early in the season especially if Hearts win, 0 points from 3 games (granted we have still to play Celtic but I'll assume that is a loss).

Think we'll get at least a draw and could even snatch the win, Killie don't look great this season.

2-1 - Thompson, Mcgowan, Boyd

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Danny's in danger of making a rod for his own back here , no new forward + no goals + no points = no job ?

He said after the ICT game he was after a couple more signings, I am disappointed we've only managed to get a six month loan signing in, I think we have to make additions to this squad otherwise its another squeaky bum - toying with relegation - season for us, 2nd bottom this season has to play off with a 1st division team so we won't get away with being a bawhair away from relegation again.

I've had a look at Hearts and Partick Thistle and they look much better than us at this point, these are the guys we'll be battling with all season.

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