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Hearts V St Mirren Top League 5/10/13


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Had a great game. Looked confident & steady. Him and Mair had that side under control. I think there's a noticeable change in the performance of the defence when they have confidence in the keeper.

Great performance, result, & day out (just on the train now)

To be honest, I think the noticable change in the performance of the defence has come from the personnel changes across the whole defence, not only the goalie. Mair and McGregor are much better than Goodwin and McAusland back there.

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Take a deep breath everyone. We have only 5 points from 8 games, which is still sh1te. This represents a beginning and hopefully there is more to come. Killie being dross and Hearts having a 15 point penalty must not distract from what still lies ahead. More victories required, climb the table asap.

Half full, half empty(you).

We never looked like winning until the dons game, maybe killie.

DEEP BREATH.....................



4 Points from the last 6.................PANIC!!!!!!!!!!

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just back, feels great to have seen a saints league win, this was my first saints away game and what a game it was, couple of things

1. The support right from the off was fantastic

2. Mair and McGregor are top quality, I was very impressed with Mairs pace in the 2nd half


4. It could have been 4 or 5.

5. I was the Muppet who rand down the stairs after the first goal wearing my teale 21 shirt.

Simple, what a great day, if we play like that every week it will be top 6 easy.

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