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The Oran Kearney Interviews Thread


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Was that big Ferdinand sprinting up and down the park behind Oran.    He was a class act tonight.   Professional performance by the whole team tonight. 

Think it was. Our manager eluding to how important he is going to be for us this season and looking/building up his match-fitness carefully. Another good interview, especially compared to Stubbs bumbling out his negative bletherins. OK interviews similarly to Jack Ross. Can see him galvanising the bond between the team and the supporters, the whole club. Exciting times after the Stubbs car crash. Looking forward to Hamilton next week.
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Oran will come good the guy has a lot to take in he has been put into the deep end. I for one will back him 100% even if we go down you can just tell given time he will put everything back together.

Oran has came in to another managers team it will take time to know what each player can bring to the field. There is not a bad team in there the jigsaw puzzle is all laid out on the table but not an easy one. Some peaces will need to be swapped for other ones come January to make the picture fit together. Hurting like hell but understand the fix can not be quick.

I have every C.U.N.T. and his dog texting me , not Saints fans rubbing it in. Dont bite I just say a work in progress that will take time.

Christ knows how this club can get into my blood so much love us like you all do.

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My expectation is that we will probably be in the shite for most of this season. At least until the January window anyway.

Our success will then depend on who he can move out and how much he can spend.

We will need to give him time and support him because he has a mammoth task to get rid of all the players who are sub standard.

We might not get lucky this time in the way Jack did with his turnaround.

As fans, I think we have to provide support for the longer term here and not be getting so emotional after every bad match.

We did it a couple of years ago.

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