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Hearts v St Mirren 23 Feb 2019

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Just now, TPAFKA Jersey 2 said:

We’ve bought tickets but I suppose that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be pay at the gate. 

I've paid at the gate previously,  but cant see any info this time.

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On 2/15/2019 at 5:17 PM, whydowebother said:

Some do and some don't. Those in the sin bin for example start duplicate threads for matches and others started the Livvy thread two games ago. 

This poster is the salt of the earth.  Truly magic


Thank you dear sir.  Back to the game.  My favouirite away ground.  Very physical team.  One win to them,  one win to us this season. 

What's not to like.  Looking forward to it. 

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1 hour ago, Luther G. Presley said:

A pumping on the cards for this one I reckon.

Hard game yes a pumping don't think so. As my late father-in-law would tell me St Mirren are Hearts boggy team he was a Hearts man. After yesterday I now have hope. 

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