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EKFC v SMFC LC 20/7/19

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3 minutes ago, BuddieinEK said:

Kilby are a non league side in name only.

Very professional outfit and very forward looking.

They will be a league side before too long.

Cannot believe the lack of respect they are getting from Saints fans.

Erm...no. I think you’ll find they are a non league team in league as well as name. They’ve already had opportunities to get into the league and failed each time.

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Out the league Cup before our last game in this group is an embarrasment.

Just reinforces what everyone knows, that the vast majority of the squad aren't good enough for the top flight.

Both our strikers missing penalties as well, minter.

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Embarrassing to say the least can’t think when if ever we have lost a competitive match to a non league side this is an utter disgrace.Talk about being ill prepared for a season in terms of signings Christ the players we have don’t even seem to be fit we are supposed to be a full time professional outfit what the hell do they do at Ralston we may as well be part time and save whatever money we have.

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Just now, Dirty Sanchez said:

Can still finish top of the group.

Such a positive response.

I have to admire you for that.

Can I ask you to remind me to buy you a drink if we qualify?

I am looking forward to noting Jim Goodwin’s Body language in his post match interview.

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