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St Mirren v Hibernian 23/4


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4 minutes ago, ford prefect said:

He needs to go on gardening leave tonight and give it to Jamie and Allan until the end of the season. 

I was thinking that exact same thing myself, we appear to be at the end of the road with robinson,

he does not seem to be able to turn things around for us, unwisely hounding the players in the media before has

made him lose the dressing room, its there for all to see.

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I’m no boo boy but this manager clearly has no clue. Hibs had the courage to bag Maloney. I very much doubt we will do likewise with Robinson. 
no team has the divine right to win a game but he seems to have sucked any belief and work ethic we had right out of the club. 
the appointment of lasley will make it harder to get rid of Robinson.

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Two poor sides. We were exceptionally poor.

Certainly didn’t deserve to win but I’m not sure we deserved to lose either.

A really tough watch and, at £15, hugely overpriced.

Regardless it looks like it’s all about our next two games - away in Perth followed by Dundee at home.

While I don’t expect victories, as long as we don’t lose both we should be safe.

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