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St Mirren V Celtic League Cup Semi Final


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Unbelievable today, couldn't make the game do to being completely hungover but what a curer that was. Cracked open the wine and watched the game. The look on thompsons face when he was celebrating brought me to tears while I was jumping about alone in the house like an absolute lunatic. This is what it's all about being a st mirren fan and my sevco and green scum supporting pals will never get that or understand it.

Special praise for wee McGinn, cheesy and Carey. But the whole team were outstanding. Still buzzing and thank f**k I'm off tomorrow. Enjoy everyone

Sorry had to mention Thompson again, great guy, st mirren fan and a great player. He must be absolutely delighted.

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class performance, every body played for the team.

proud to be a buddie.

I think I gave a cuddle to everyone from paisley at hampden today.

was so proud to attend the game and see my son celebrate,

he is a big man utd fan and the highlight of his season is to go to old trafford.

but on the train home he said that today beat going to old trafford.

made a grown man cry that did....

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The greatest performance I've ever seen from St. Mirren.

Tactics were spot on.

All the players were wonderful. However, some special praise for Marc McAusland, Gary Teale, Graham Carey and John McGinn.

McAusland's cross for the third was incredible. Carey's defending was unbelievable. John McGinn is some player.

And I love Gary Teale.

I love them all, especially Danny Lennon.

Your account has been hacked.

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Just home. Everything we got so wrong in previous Danny Lennon era games against Celtic we got right today. Isma77 tracked back and helped Carey. Daft individual errors were non-existent. Workrate was high and sustained. We carried a threat going forward, and did not allow Celtic's playmakers to boss the midfield. Tippy-tappy shoite across the back was at a minimum - ball back to Samson, hoof... job done, lines cleared.

McAusland was immense, absolutely fcukin' immense. Danny's tactics were spot on, absolutely spot on. I have never been so pleased to be proved wrong in regard to Danny's influence on our tactics and formation.

Everyone was absolutely magnificent. Every last one of them.

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Just home - tears in my eyes after getting into the car at the train station.

Words simply cannot express what it feels like to sit through a perfomance like that alongside thousands of other people who you know are feeling exactly the same.

FFS, I'm filling up again just thinking about it.

Each and every St Mirren player, and our manager and his coaching staff are heroes for me this evening.

Update: my better half just called me from work and I pretty much cracked up over the 'phone - a mere bawhair away from bubbling like a weanbiggrin.png

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Just got back to the Kingdom and had to check the BBC website to make sure what I had just witnessed had actually happened. Was worried I had driven through a hole in the space/time continuum at Harthill and what I had seen took place in some parallel universe. But there is was in all its glory - Stevie Thompson's face as he ran towards the fans....

Just un - be - lievable!!!

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I fricking knew we'd do it today! And we bloody well did! Absolutely buzzing!

My voice is almost gone and my head is pounding! Think a wee glass of wine or two is in order tonight! Cannot wait for work tomoro to laugh in the face of all my sellic supporting pupils! Hahaha!

Every single player was outstanding today! So bloody proud!!!

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Just back. What can I say..........................

Proud that I was there with my son & daughter.

Proud to see MY team play so well and get what they deserved.

Proud that so many turned up and showed that there is always a chance.

Proud that, despite the negative "supporters" (That's for you Tom) should have a good look at what a supporter means and never lose hope, we had a massive voice today as all who turned up must have lost their voices.

Yes, supporting a diddy team is hard at times but let's not lose sight of we are supporters of St Mirren and support the team and manager.

Time for a wee drink.

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The grumpy numpty tongue.png

He was also giving Lennon peters last night on twitter when he heard the starting XI. lol.gif

Doesn't matter though, no one will be happier than SPS that we're in the final.

Carey was brilliant today. So committed in the tackle and got forward when he could. Great shift.

The wee man was almost in tears at the final whistle.

Aye Carey was great and so was Cheesy who i thought was MOTM.

He strode out a couple of times with the ball to start attacks.

But they all played their part as the Capt says got to be the best performance i have seen in my lifetime

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Sat watching with my seven year old son who hates football. I watched while he played his DS. Has anyone on here witnessed a poor seven year old nearly suffering a heart attack 3 times? At the third goal I was down the stairs and out the back door before I had calmed down. It's many years since I have felt such emotion. When my wife and my daughter returned from shopping I was on the verge of tears recounting the details of the game( made funnier by the fact that neither of them are remotely interested in football) a fantastic day to be a buddie.finally, to have someone like the Hawk in our team is what made it all the more special. That man is indeed one of us.

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