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Kilmarnock. 02/01/2023


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That's the line-up I expected today.  I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to go to Kilmarnock today so didn't bother getting a ticket in advance.  Still, I'll save £25.00 and have a day with the other half and the dog.  Well done to the Saints supporters travelling down to Ayrshire today and I hope you witness a good game.  Come on you Saints! 🔴

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1 minute ago, Warrior Saint said:

Personally would never ever pay to watch a game on astro-turf. My son had career ending injury at sixteen on one due to studs sticking. Have no time for them and games on them are a farce. Mon the Saints though...

I fully agree with the astro-turf.  I'm sorry to hear your Son had an injury on them, they really are horrible surfaces to play on and I remember Stewart Gilmour saying at an AGM if all clubs went down the route of artificial pitches then he'd stop being interested in football [words to that effect].  I don't think I've ever witnessed an unanimous round of applause for a Football Club Chairman.

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