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St Mirren V Brechin City 30th September

Mr Zo

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20 hours ago, Eric Arthur Blair said:

Brechin have only beaten St. Mirren once...ever!
January 2004 and I was there. Daryl Duffy played for them.

Welcome to Room 101 Mr. Orwell! :P


Scottish Division 1 Scottish Division 1 2004-01-17 15:00 Sa 17Jan 2004 2004-01-17 15:00   Brechin 1 2004-01-17 15:00 2 - 0 St Mirren 2 2004-01-17 15:00
1 2004-01-17 15:00


Brechin 2 - 0 St Mirren

HT 0 - 0 FT 2 - 0  

Name Category Number Cards
D Hay (G) N/A  
P Deas (D) N/A  
S McCulloch (D) N/A  
(67) G Beith (D) N/A  
J Smith (D) N/A  
M Millar (M) N/A  
(80) C King (M) N/A  
G Johnson (M) N/A  
A Mitchell (M) N/A  
(80) S Hampshire (F) N/A  
Duffy (-) N/A  
(80) G Miller (M) N/A  
C Boylan (M) N/A  
(80) G Gibson (F) N/A  
(67) R Clark (-) N/A  
S Vanderdeyl (-) N/A  
Name Category Number Cards
  N/A (G) S Woods
  N/A (D) D van Zanten (76)
  N/A (D) K McGowne
  N/A (M) S Lappin
  N/A (M) M Dempsie
  N/A (M) J O'Neil (43)
  N/A (M) C McGroarty
  N/A (M) H Murray
  N/A (F) B Lavety
  N/A (F) R Gillies
  N/A (-) Millen (76)
  N/A (G) C Hinchcliffe
  N/A (D) K Broadfoot (76)
  N/A (D) A MacPherson
  N/A (M) M Crilly (43)
  N/A (F) D McKenna (76)

REFEREE: Alan Freeland    STADIUM: Glebe Park




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 The winning streak at home must continue against Brechin..

We must pound them and get early goals, then build up some goal difference to get us nearer to Dunfermline in that area.. but hopefully above them on points too..


I predict               Saint's        5       v        0            Brechin  ..      (Can we get a clean sheet please)

Goals from Kirkpatrick,      McGinn or McShane,         Reilly 2       and Stelios or Baird    -      -     BUT who knows if Morgan can have a week off goal scoring?


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22 hours ago, Mr Zo said:

I was there to. I drove two mates up for the game and said to them as we left Paisley that Brechin had never beaten us. Both said you are the kiss of death and we are now certain to lose and we did. We had some pretty average players on our books at that time.

I think this saturday will be a different story and we will have too much for their defence. Morgan is on fire and I can't see that being any different this weekend against the poorest side in the league. Our attacking players will really fancy getting on the scoresheet this weekend. Brechin are no Livingston or Dumbarton and are shipping goals for fun.

This is what I hope.

St Mirren 4 Brechin 0

Crowd 3,890

We must have the most superstious fans in Scotland . .B)

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Don't think so, just think stellios gives us more going forward than eckersley

Didn't know if it was 1 game ban or more. Think JR likes to play But on Sat we know Brechin are gonna sit in. And when teams do that to us we struggle to break them down. IE Livvy. Dumbarton and the likes. Early goal for us might open the game up for us.
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                                Smith                   Baird               McCart           Stelios

                                Smith             McShane                  McGinn         Morgan

                                                              Reilly                   Sutton / Duffy

5 - 1


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                                Smith                   Baird               McCart           Stelios
                                Smith             McShane                  McGinn         Morgan
                                                              Reilly                   Sutton / Duffy
5 - 1

Some system that
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