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Speculation Thread


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25 minutes ago, bazil85 said:

If you didn't ask him, how do you know he's unable to back-up his claim? :rolleyes:

Because he didn't back up his claim! :rolleyes:



You made an assumption he can't and was admitting he made it up all based on one comment that said 'ok'

No sh1t Sherlock!



Now wondering if you know what is meant by 'spin'

I'm not surprised, because its clear that you don't!



Edited by Wendy Saintss
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11 hours ago, StanleySaint said:
14 hours ago, St.Ricky said:
I speculate that this spat will be the longest running in the Forum with only two members left. 

I respectfully submit that you and faraway will last longer debating the other spat!

I respectively submit that, if you pay attention, PRicky will continue to mention some bollox about buying a ticket no matter what I post. :wink:

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On 9/27/2018 at 12:35 PM, Ayrshire Saints said:

Why - all 3 have cropped up since he was appointed ?

They cropped up apparently before his appointment, and i doubt in his previous role he was scouting the likes of these lad for the spiders?

but hey, who knows? Maybe Queens Park appeal to ex Fiorintina, and English championship players?

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On 9/29/2018 at 11:16 AM, Russian Saint said:


It appears to be a common trend across most threads Drew, regardless of the topic.
I’m all for differences in opinion etc, but some folk really need to give it a rest.

Aye and you and Drew could help by not polluting an already shite thread with your own version of pish. :blink:

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21 minutes ago, JM1 said:

If McGugan and Hammill are both fit enough to come into the team in the next few weeks, then I reckon we'll try and sign both of them.


Both have shown throughout their careers that they're capable of playing at a decent level.



I think this will be the last wave of trialists now. Makes you think that a ‘pay as you play’ deal until January could be the way forward for both.

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