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Speculation Thread


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1 hour ago, Slarti said:

I am. I designed the Norwegian fjords when the earth was being created. The picture, however, was taken after the earth was destroyed by the Vogons to make way for an interstellar bypass. You're just so slow that you haven't realised that's happened yet. emoji16.png

You bragging againūüėĄ

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2 minutes ago, st jock said:

It's awfy quiet in here. 

I miss flareybob and his in the know spot on rumours

I’m not flareybob but I can tell you Richard Puller is coming 

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Olufunwa is not lacking suitors with Football League and Scottish Premiership clubs reportedly interested in his signature. 


According to Football Insider, the Anglo-Nigerian defender is drawing interest from Championship newcomers Plymouth Argyle, League One side Bristol Rovers, Scottish Premiership duo St Mirren and Kilmarnock.

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So of all the players going and random chat about players we have been liked to it looks like this I think
Away - Links
LCB = Dunne - Bedeau
LB/LWB = Small - Koiki / Montgomery
RB/CB = Shaughnessy - Oludare Olufunwa
CDM/CM = Erharhon - Sule
ST = Main - Bowie / Street
ST/LW = Watt - Conor McMenamin

Anything I've missed?

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Kyle Turner left Thistle. Looked ok in playoff games, but apparently was hot and cold through the season according to some Thistle fans. Wouldn't be a starter but maybe a squad player. Sentimentality would play a part in it being Tommy's son

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So looking at the gossip and links so far we have the following away or potentially away and linked players to potentially replace them

LCB Dunne
CB Jacob Bedeau

LB/LWB Small
LB/LWB Ali Koiki
LB/LWB Adam Montgomery

CB Shaughnessy/ RB/LB Tait
RB/CB Oludare Olufunwa

CDM/CM Erharhon
CDM/CM Faud Sule

ST/LW Watt
ST/LW Kwame Peprah

ST Main
ST Robert Street
ST Stav Nahmani

RW Henderson
ST/RW Conor McMenamin

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On 6/18/2023 at 8:00 PM, Stockholmbud said:

Stav Nahmani Israel under 21 striker 

Not knowing his view on his country's treatment of Palestinians which is classified as an apartheid regime by both Israeli human rights NGOs and international organisations, I would consider BDS - boycott, divestment and sanctions.   

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22 minutes ago, djchapsticks said:

Liam Donnelly linked now. 

Not for me. Lad is either constantly injured or a bit of a headless chicken. He wouldn't improve our starting XI.

If this is the calibre of player we are looking at it could be a long season ahead

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