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Season 16/17 Home & Away Kits

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It may well be a superb deal for the club, as not only are JD the kit supplier, they are the primary shirt sponsor and have stadium branding in place too. Indeed, the two big stand gable end circle graphics are huge JD adverts, and every HoF panel is a JD advert, further rendering the three-and-a-half years failure to produce the required new panel even more puzzling as JD would get even more advertising out of it being printed and stuck up. They also have graphic sponsorship on the airdome.

So, the JD deal combines multiple aspects. The question being, if we had a kit deal with (let's say) Aberdeen-esque Adidas, had a shirt sponsorship deal with (let's say) Infiniti Cars, had the stadium splattered with (let's say) Braehead artwork, the airdome had (let's say) Easyjet orange all over it, and the HoF panels were instead sponsored by local companies - all getting their logos and messages over the existing JD ones.... Then combined, how much would that bring in. That's five deals available to sell - kit supplier, primary shirt sponsor, stadium graphics, airdome, HoF panels.

Depends who you talk to, how 'superb' the JD deal is when compared to what has been offered in the past by separate kit manufacturers and primary shirt sponsors. Undoubtably, handing the whole shooting match to JD and letting them do everything has been a very attractive deal for the outgoing BoD.

However, we were promised that after the FIRST year of the JD deal, issues would be ironed out (just like their sleeve graphics then), but the issues just continue. What fans are left with is an inital launch burst of activity, followed by supply problems, quality problems, and forced into travelling to three shopping centres to find a rag-tag selection of Saints shirts hidden behind racks of Man Utd, Celtic, Chelsea and Sevco shirts. Superb deal!

As an aside - are Bournemouth, Morecambe and Walsall kits on sale at their stadiums? As another aside, the footfall JD get by St Mirren fans having to travel to their stores is being lost by the folk trying to make a go of the rest of our merchandising.

Morecambe do sell their kit in the club shop at the stadium.

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can safely say that ours are nothing like them for this season. But I like that Notts County strip.

Oh f*cking dear

If it's not going to look like a Notts County strip then it's not going to look like a St Mirren strip either.

JESUS F^CK !!!!!

Who picked it ?


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Incredible to think that it's the end of June and the club haven't announced anything about the design or release date of the new strip. We have been using the same supplier in JD for quite a few years now so there is no reason why we couldn't have had the new strip all sorted 2 months ago or so with strips available for summer holidays for the kids. We never seem to get it quite right at St Mirren and sadly I don't think anything will change pre or post smisa takeover but it should.

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