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Ben Gordon

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30 year old centre half, 6ft 3, formerly with Dumbarton, Alloa and Livingston after starting his youth career with us.

Can't say I can ever remember seeing him play but signing a big centre half with plenty of Championship experience sounds like a good idea to me!

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St Mirren Official@saintmirrenfc 2m2 minutes ago

St Mirren are delighted to announce the signing of Ben Gordon on a one-year contract.


Played with Livi last season, started off his career with us if I remember correctly.

Yeah, he was with us as a youth player. I don't remember him but that's what his wiki page says.

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Left sided centre half (which we have been crying out for), who's experienced in this league. Perfect. Seems to be highly rated by Livi and Alloa fans. Good deal.

Dumbarton fans opinion:

Ben came to us from amateur football in 2008, and pretty instantly made the step up the the 3rd Division look easy. He played a massive role in our 2008/09 title winning team whilst doing a degree in (iirc) Maths or Statistics or something like that at Uni. He was made our captain in 2010 after Mick Dunlop left, before leaving the club at the end of the season having had a disagreement with Jim Chapman (I believe).

He joined Alloa and was a hero there, before signing for Livingston last summer and looking decent in a shambles of a team.

He's a cracking, old fashioned centre-half. Strong, intimidating, dominant in the air and alright on the deck. As FF says I'm pleased to see him joining a 'big club' and I hope he does well for you lot. He'll be a solid 7 or 8/10 every week.

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Entire career in 2nd or 3rd division. Cant say I am over enthusiastic. Hope I am wrong. No-one on here seems to remember him and we must have seen him. Cant have made much of an impression.

Played in the Championship for the last three years.

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Sorry still use old terminology. Meant Championship/ 1st division. Old duffer not caught up with the new terms. Still call the Premiership the 1st Division. Still use Love Street instead of new name

The second tier in Scotland hasn't been called the second division for over 40 years :lol:

Looks a decent enough signing, plenty of experience at this level and seems to be well liked at his previous clubs. Our centre back pairing will be 2 from Gordon, Webster and Baird. Nice to have a bit of competition in that area.

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The general consensus seems to be that no-one can remember him ever playing but that he's a good signing....

Most of our previous centre half signings from lesser clubs have turned out not bad. Scott Walker, Darren McGregor, John Potter, Chris Innes.

The odd one not so good. Ronnie McQuilter.

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