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Dylan Reid


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Been told its a done deal, going to Celtic
I heard a neighbour talk about a kid back in the day who was from a real Rangers daft family, but had Celtic come calling. Apparently his dad said, "Cash before sash". Guessing that might be what's going on here.
Sadly with the OF being allowed B teams we will see this happening even more. It's a shame as before the B teams kids went to the OF never to get first team opportunities. With the B teams I can see this happening more and more.
I wish him well, but gutted he never got more of a chance with Jim. Jim seemed to not favour trying the young players and the QP loan was a load of shite too.

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2 hours ago, StanleySaint said:

Sensible decision by the lad,  Robinson must have talked a good game. Now he has to deliver on giving him the game time and Dylan needs to show he is worthy of it, I sense a Kenny McLean gentlemen's agreement in the background.

Your senses may be correct. Also…Does he not have one year left to do at school to complete his sixth year? 

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1 hour ago, windae cleaner said:

Until Sevco come in with a similar offer

If they match the green bigot's offer*,  then that's a distinct possibility. Given that they're just about to pocket £20million for Dyllan Connolly's plaything.

*An offer, I hasten to add, that no one outside of the club knows what the monetary value is. 

If not, Reid signs an extended contract, which is unlikely, and we then make a bit more money, or we play him, he runs down his contract and leaves at the end of the season, with us receiving his development fee.


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