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St Mirren v St Johnstone, Sunday 29th August

faraway saint

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11 minutes ago, santaponsasaint said:
13 minutes ago, saintargyll said:
sps i would play tait at full back and put tanser in midfield

Good move. But Tanser is still a full back. Why he hasn't done that I have no idea

Would it not be we are still faffing about with wingbacks and 3 in middle of which Fraser is more of a fullback imo 

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Can't make Sunday games unfortunately, so will have to watch on TV - just like the whole of last season. Hopefully JG's system will start to work and we'll get our first league win. It's badly needed - to lift us up the table and to lift everybody's spirits! Is this the game where we get our season up and running? Let's hope so!


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17 hours ago, RichardBuddie said:

Got a standard email from the club today about tomorrow’s match, seemingly bottles are not allowed, wasn’t clear about glass (no pun intended), if we are not allowed plastic bottles in how are you meant to get a drink????

Tetrapaks are ok. Take in a litre of Tesco orange juice and share it around.

(And bottles of any sort have been banned from football stadiums for decades. It is in the Club rules and the SPFL stadium rules. Surprised the Club didn't get pulled up for allowing bottles in for the restricted attendance games.)

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